Arabian perfume.

Oriental fragrances have become very popular in recent years not only among women but also among men.This trend can be found in almost any perfume line.However, there is a category of spirits, which is fundamentally different from the rest and is an order of magnitude higher than even the most elite and expensive toilet water from France.Arab perfumes - is a special style, even for the ladies of high society.Small carved bottles can be found on the dresser of women in almost every country of the world.However, even a resident of the generally recognized high quality fragrances Rodin gave their preference to this class of spirits.

Perfumes from Arab countries are always divided into two categories.Representatives of the first applied to the skin, like a fragrant oil or balm.In addition, this perfume could be used as a pot of incense.He had only to lift the lid of a small vial, as the room immediately filled with a thin refined aroma extracts of the most expensive components.The second category of spiri

ts applied directly to the heart rate zone and only a dot.Their odor can stay on the skin and clothes for several days, even if she was taking a bath regularly.

If you feel like a real connoisseur of expensive and luxury perfumes, then pay attention on Arab perfumes.Reviews on them solely enthusiastic nature.And the variety of benefits from a great variety of perfume.

core is resistance, which is several times higher than even the most expensive perfume in France.It achieves a similar effect by a charming mix of concentrated extracts of plants and flowers with the oils in different proportions.Thus in the case are also fruits, spices, wood, notes of fresh greens.The most common Arabic perfumes (reviews say unprecedented in its beauty composition) are based on patchouli, cedarwood, myrrh, sandalwood, frankincense, amber and musk.

last two components mentioned above are also powerful aphrodisiacs.This, strictly speaking, is the second advantage of Arab perfumes.Such perfume when used properly, is able to awaken in man an unprecedented passion and desire.The woman is more sensual and languid, attractive to your partner.Arab spirits (online reviews and forums confirm a stunning effect) increase sexuality and able to light a fire even in the extinct family hearth.

There is another no less interesting feature.Perfumes from Arab countries able to respond to movement and emotional state.While you are in a calm and relaxed position, the flavor can hardly be felt on the skin.But it is necessary to start a movement, as a wonderful scent immediately envelops human weightless cloud.It is noticed that the fragrance is also considerably enhanced when the excitation.

What else are so popular Arabic perfume?Reviews describe this as a virtually hypoallergenic perfumes.Very rarely, when the site of application of the liquid occurs redness or itching.This may mean that a person is allergic to a specific plant component, which is part of the spirits.However, the same hyped French perfumes contains a large number of synthetic substances.And the skin of course they do not bring benefits.In addition, part of the alcohol dries and tightens much cover the body.It also reduces the resistance of the spirits.

Aromas of the Arab countries is quite rare in the sale.They often try to forge.Therefore, in order to become the owner of the original, you have to personally come to one of the Arab countries.But there should be careful.Buy perfume must be exclusively own factories producing spirits.