Spring gentle makeup

Every woman wants to look always attractive, irrespective of the time of day.Waking up early in the morning and going to the mirror, any representative of the fair sex would like to make is at the behest of a magic wand, he was on his face for a few seconds.But it does not happen.In the morning before the mirror beauty tools diligently applied makeup to hide the slight swelling and dark circles under the eyes, as well as to cover a pimple jumped out of place.

Make gentle makeup - task of paramount importance.To go to work that morning with a bright "war paint" very out of place, so you need to make every effort to make-up to get an easy and gentle at the same time hide all the flaws that you want to hide.

In addition, the ability to make a gentle make-up is always useful, you're going to an important business meeting or on a date with a man dear to the heart, meet guests at home or just come to the store for bread.

first pay attention to your foundation.Remember: a dense foundation creates the e

ffect of the mask on the face, that is, making a face unnatural puppet.Prefer light translucent means, and for problem areas, you can use a pencil-corrector, which is applied locally on problem areas.

However, before applying foundation or powder on the face, skin tone and moisturize the necessary special cream.

With the arrival of spring in the street was brighter than the sun shines, which means that a gentle make-up - this is the option that is now coming in handy.

advantage of this make-up is that it can be easily transformed in the evening, if necessary.

start with the eyes.Draw a neat eyebrows and apply mascara.The owner can be a little brown eyes emphasize their depth using olive or brown pencil.In general, use bright shade in the daytime make-up is not recommended that it did not look too provocative and vulgar, but you can use a gold or beige shades.

Gentle Makeup for brown eyes perfectly combines two shades, a little lighter and a little darker, so you can use two colors of shadows, if you really decided to do just that option.In this case, the outer corner of the eye can be made on the tone is darker, and closer to the internal use of lighter shade.In fact, the holders brown eyes are expressive of the nature of mind, so it will be enough simply to emphasize its depth using a pencil and made-up eyelashes.

In order to match the color of the gentle eye makeup, pay attention to the iris pupil and use a pencil to the arrows on the lighter shade, so you can make the emphasis on the eyes.

Now pay attention to blush.Light color never hurts, but it is not necessary to paint pink cheeks like a matryoshka.Remember, apply blush better broad brush, lightly shaking off her excessive amounts of cosmetic products.The line on which you want to apply blush, depends on the shape of the face, so do not use a friend's recommendation, which, as you seem to skillfully apply blush.

Now go to his lips.It's time to put aside your favorite bright lipstick, and try on a gentle peach lip gloss.Seductive puffy lips always look sexy, but it is better to use just shine that visually increases.If you are not satisfied with your form, you can use the outline with a pencil, which should be just one tone darker than the base color brilliance.

Gentle Makeup can be considered complete if all your image breathes "ease and freshness of the spring, so do not forget about hair and hair, as well as the pleasant fragrance of toilet water that you apply as a finishing touch to your air way.