Reviews of Yves Rocher cosmetics

Europe is now covered by the boom in organic foods.With the assistance of modern technology there is no difficulty in the use of cosmetic products natural ingredients.Betting on the naturalness makes most companies provide support for health and beauty.However, it is necessary to take into account the price criterion cosmetics as natural products are not always the cheapest.Besides, they are not subject to long-term storage.

Reviews of Yves Rocher cosmetics testify to the successful combination of naturalness and pricing policies of cosmetic products manufactured by the company.The main slogan of the brand is a saying: "Nature is the main source of beauty!".This is a key approach of the company, which for half a century has managed to become a leader in the global market manufacturers of natural cosmetics.During this period, the brand has acquired thirty millionth army of fans.Its products are bought in ninety countries around the world.

founder of the company is the Frenchman Yves Rocher.Cosmetics

, which was created by him in 1959 in the attic of his house, is a cream, which is based on grass Chistyakov.Already in 1960, the company produced its first catalog, which was the Green Paper beauty.Its pages were collected all the funds included in the brand.In addition, the catalog is a guide to the world of beauty, were placed tips and tricks to help you care for your skin.

Currently around the world is open and runs nearly a thousand stores.On their shelves you can find the entire assortment of products available in the catalog:

- cream, which are based on natural plant substances;

- funds intended for the cosmetic care of body and hair;

- cosmetics, is used for applying makeup;

- tanning;

- perfumes.

Reviews of cosmetics, Yves Rocher, whose range exceeds seven hundred names indicate continuous operation of the company to improve recipes and processes.In any store buyer of the company will be left without the advice of a specialist who will offer assistance to choose the right.In addition, if necessary, may conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the skin.Anyone who visited the store, will receive a gift of joy and good humor.Buyers are waiting for special offers and discounts.

Reviews of Yves Rocher cosmetics show features found in the stores of products not only for women.Men happy to acquire fragrance and care products for skin and hair, designed especially for the strong half of humanity.These products are soft natural flavors that accentuate the naturalness and beauty of the human body.

Reviews of Yves Rocher cosmetics testify to its naturalness.Indeed, these products are no foods that are of animal origin.Unlike cosmetic products produced by other manufacturers, the collagen in the formulations is replaced by vegetable poliozidy isolated from Acacia Senegal and chemically synthesized filters to protect from the sun - on mangiferin contained in healing the Madagascar plant afloya.To preserve the purity of the natural elements used natural extraction, solvent-chemical origin.

Yves Rocher, reviews about cosmetics which testify its highest quality, developed a great means to maintain the health of hair.All vegetable substances contained in these products, give energy and power of nature.The spectrum of activity of this series of cosmetics include increasing hair volume and maintain their color, as well as combating the formation of dandruff.