Eyeliner: the art of make-up

well executed eyeliner is an essential component of the evening makeup.With proper use, it will help to make the look more expressive and soulful.Two or three easy movements that emphasize the outline will be enough to visually increase the density of the eyelashes, as well as adjust the shape of the eye.

Today cosmetic market offers several types of funds that differ both its form and texture: eyeliner pen, pencil Eye, liquid, gel and dry eyeliner.Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages, and the choice in this case depends on individual preferences.What eyeliner is better?

to choose the one that is right for you, you must have an idea about all.Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the five basic types.

eyeliner is conducted with the use of a water and alcohol-based.Products of this type are in great demand due to its durability.In addition, its additional advantage is the possibility of a very clear and fine lines.But to use it to draw a really beautiful "arrow", will hav

e a long time to hone skills.

eyeliner using tools similar in structure to shade, usually done by professional makeup artists.Funds are applied with a thin brush and moistened.It is used in everyday life, it is rare, because it is quite difficult to use.Such products are called dry eyeliner.

Another view - eyeliner.Perhaps this is the most common type of eyeliner that will quickly draw a line on the eyelid.However, be prepared for what will always have to sharpen a pencil.These thick lines will need shade, so they look natural and beautiful.

One of the most convenient options is to use eyeliner-pen.Marker helps to draw a thin line as straight as possible, not smeared and did not spread.But the circuit is obtained much less saturated.In addition, such cosmetics dries very quickly, making them less long service life.

eyeliner using gel texture helps to create a truly beautiful and long-lasting makeup.It is applied to the lid by means of special brushes.The process is fairly easy, and to maximize the opportunities of this tool, have some time to give training.

How to paint eyes using eyeliner?

If you are just learning the art of applying makeup, then you should start with a pen or pencil for the eyes.They are easiest to train application in clear and straight lines along the contour.Technique of ideal population liner is this: you spend a straight line on the upper eyelid.It must be done in such a way that it is located as close to the lash line.Avoid NOT, space.From the first time it may not be possible, draw the line so individual strokes.

to make beautiful arrows, draw a small line-up eyeliner, from the outer corner of the century.It should be like a small "tail".In order not to spoil the makeup, do not try to make it very greasy.Over time you will receive all the better.Then you can experiment with types of arrows and their lengths.

If you use a cream eyeliner, then you need to get the line shade to make it look more natural.This is done using a sponge or a small sponge.Pay

practice at least a few minutes a day, and soon you will master the art of perfect make-up and will be able to "show off" beautifully painted eyes, that would be like to penetrate into the very soul.

correctly affixed accents makeup - it is half the success appearance, so you should practice before a mirror at a convenient time before the experiment with make-up on the eve of an important meeting.