Cosmetics for men.

Cosmetics actually have a very ancient history.During excavations in Egypt were found samples of powders, shadows and rouge, whose age is estimated thousands of years.It was found that the make-up used not only women but also men.And cosmetics are often used in religious rituals or to treat or prevent disease.Thus, the Egyptian eye shadow made on the basis of copper and lead sulfide, was considered well protected from insects and prevent eye diseases.

In ancient Greece has had a special "Kosmet" - a man who helped to choose the means for skin care ointments and was inflicted makeup.And at the excavation sites of primitive men were found a mixture of fat and dye, reminiscent of a modern lipstick.At the same time there is no doubt among researchers that could be painted as a primitive ladies and men - before hunting or religious ritual.

Modern cosmetics are divided into many categories.Including:

- caring means;

- treatment (containing drugs);

- decorative products;

- professional (used mainly i

n showrooms);

- individual (used at home);

- means for body, face (emulsions, creams, toners, masks, powders, etc.);

- hygiene;

- hair products (shampoos, conditioners, balms, masks);

- cosmetics to prevent age-related changes.

In recent years, among the products for face, body and hair periodically appear cosmetics for men.In addition to shampoos male series (they differ from women's scent, and sometimes some of the ingredients) and a male shaving series (shaving foam, aftershave lotions) on store shelves can be seen for men anti-aging serums, creams and masks, including circuiteye.Especially the skin in men is that it is subjected to aging at a later age, but it is aging rapidly and dramatically.Therefore, the stronger sex can begin to enjoy the caring cosmetics in adulthood.

But problems with the hair may begin even in adolescence.The reasons for this are more than enough, in particular:

- bad food (lack of protein, vitamins E, C, F et al.);

- seasonal factors (no headgear in winter);

- stressful situations;

- unfavorable environment;

- chronic infectious disease (nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and caries al.);

- hormonal disorders;

- a genetic predisposition.

Any of these factors or their combination may lead to the fact that men's hair starts to thin out, and to return to its former beauty needed measures to eliminate the causes and cosmetic remedies for hair loss.The market for these purposes are available shampoos stem cell unripe grapes, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, lipid-based shampoos, proteins, amino acids, masks for preventing hair loss using contrast effects of heat and coolness (mostly in Japan).Also sold vials of concentrated substances against hair loss (with Amineksilom and other active substances).

in some cases be effective cosmetics based on traditional medicine.These include yolk mask (mix one egg yolk and a tablespoon of vodka, is applied to the hair for 40 min.) And acetic lotion (100g chopped nettle leaves are boiled in half a liter of water, which added two tablespoons of 6% vinegar. Lotion rubbed intoscalp before bedtime for a month).The effectiveness of these agents confirmed time and inexpensive ingredients make such lotions and masks available to many.