Delicate bride makeover


soon to your house comes a holiday called "marriage", and on it you prepared for the role of the bride, it is necessary to know all the details of preparation for this significant day.First of all most of the girls in a hurry to choose a wedding dress, and make sure to sign up to a good hairdresser and makeup artist.Well, if you can trust yourself to professionals whose services often are not cheap.But what if the bride's make-up is necessary to make the most of?This is not a problem if you use our simple recommendations and follow them step by step.

Bride in this day should look like a fairy princess, and her make-up should be gentle and easy, but quite impressive.It must be remembered that this day will be the main object of the young video and still cameras, so the bride supposed to take care of your make-up.In addition, by the end of the holiday its appearance should not lose its charm.

makeup for the bride to be thought out in advance, and even better if she experiment with applying it in

the mirror.Thus, the bride will be able to choose the most successful colors and choose the style that will be executed makeup - he should be in harmony with the hairstyle and dress.It is in compliance with all such requirements can achieve a holistic way.

training should start with correcting the shape of eyebrows to be done a few days before the solemn event.This will avoid unnecessary surprises in the form of redness in the area under the eyebrows.

Just before you begin to make up, you need to carry out a complex daily routines.These include facial cleansing tonic and applying a moisturizer daily.This will keep longer your makeup and freshen the face, giving it a natural glow.Remains of the cream can be wet cloth.

bride's makeup to be perfect, so you need to hide all the problem areas using masking pencil.

Turning to the tonal framework for make-up, it is best to opt for a light, semi-transparent media.Do not forget the neck and décolleté.Agree, it will be ugly if the face and neck will be a different color, the more so in the photos and videos it would be even more noticeable.

Do not use too bright and too dark colors - a makeover is not in harmony with the white dress of the bride and her gentle manner.

Consult with professionals who will tell you what area you need to apply blush, given your and the oval structure of the face.By the way, you can listen to the secrets of the artists of the scene using blush to the projecting parts of the face.They applied a little darker shades of blush to the tip of the nose, cheekbones and the area above the eyebrows.

Now you can start to his eyes.Wedding bride makeup differs impressively underlined his eyes.At the same time they should not be dyed too bright, unless required theme wedding and thought the whole image.Be sure to follow the recommendations of professionals who are advised to distribute the intensity of the color shades.On the inner corner of the eye cause a lighter tone, and the external stress saturated hue.To emphasize the line of the eyebrows, you must use white shades that should be gently shade underneath.

Remember, this day should use cosmetics that will not fade or osypletsya for a long time.Therefore, choosing mascara, get a waterproof product, even if in real life you do not use such means.Its color depends on the color of hair and eyes, but in any case it must be of high quality.

's turn to talk about his lips.On this day, striking make-up of the bride, special attention should be paid to his lips - after the wedding the couple will be a lot of pictures and kissing.Do not use lipstick with a pearl: they can give the most unexpected reflections on the photo.Again, you should use resistant lipstick which can last long and keep your make-up of the bride before the end of the festive day.

final touch - the application of the powder with a large brush that lightly walk through your face and neckline.

By the way, the bride is quite possible to use sequins and shimmering powder - briefly forget all the usual advice about make-up day.Wedding - it's not a day when you need to restrain themselves in jewelry, feel free to use hairspray with glitter and rhinestones for the neckline (some of them can even be glued to the face).