Eyebrows tinting, eyelash perm, build ... How to look seductive

flatter yourself by a single glance - every woman's dream: a flash of lightning from his eyelashes hurt the hearts of men, forcing them to look in the crowd sparkling eyes again and again to try to catch your vzlyad ... Well, if nature gave you a thick, long eyelashes - againstsuch weapons is difficult to resist.

think of many ways to give brightness and volume and featureless whitish lashes: volume and lengthening mascara, eyelash dyeing chemical process capacity and perm ... How many ways invented by women!

attached thickness and color of eyelashes many girls prefer the decorative ink.But if the day was a busy and dynamic, or the weather is poor, the ink may smear, flake or leak from the temperature difference.

Eyebrows tinting paint for the eyebrows are not so helpful.Hydrogen peroxide is always present in it, even in low concentration weakens and dries cilia.Often, after wash off the paint, the natural color of the eyelashes may become lighter.

Perm lifts and curls lashes, but the impact of c

hemical components, fixing bend eyelashes, making them weak, thin and leads to breakage.Do not use curling irons - eyelashes can break if too much pressure.

Capacity today is gaining popularity.Salon-quality work is quite expensive.However, the correction is not only injures cilia and their bulbs.The hair falls out, and often stop growing, leaving unsightly centuries "bald spots".

How to increase the growth of eyelashes, and whether you can do it at home?

course, you can.However, be aware that the expected miracle did not happen: the eyelashes can be strengthened to give them shine and strength, but their number can not be increased - the number of hair bulblets given to us by nature.With special tools you can make it so that the hair will be less likely to drop out, and their growth will accelerate.

few rules will teach you proper care of the eyelashes:

  1. Always wash off makeup before going to bed!But do not wash off with soap and water and special moisturizing cream, milk or two-phase emulsion.Funds for the eyes should not contain alcohol - it desiccate eyelashes and skin.
  2. Every evening put on eyelashes and eyebrows flaxseed, burdock or castor oil.Excellent old means of our grandmothers will not only strengthen but also moisturize the lashes to accelerate the growth of hair in place dropped.The oil can be added vitamin A, which significantly accelerate growth: one drop of vitamin A is mixed with four drops of oil.

fluffy and voluminous lashes will create sea buckthorn.

If you are afraid of morning edema, sometimes after using the oil, try that it did not fall on the eyelid skin, or after 20 minutes, wipe it off with a cotton pad.

Before applying the oil to find out whether you have an allergic reaction.

  1. couple of times a week to do a string of packs of herbs, sage, calendula, chamomile.Remember that a decoction of chamomile can lighten, so the painted eyelashes it is better not to apply.
  2. Eyebrows tinting home in any case can not do hair dye - sparing only the special dye for eyelashes and eyebrows!After the procedure, apply burdock or castor oil, it protects against loss of moisture and nourish the hair.
  3. Pharmacies have a special caring decorative ink, a part that already contains burdock and castor oil - painting lashes mascara can be combined with care.Ink washed off easily by any cosmetic product.

little patience, and proper care - and beautiful eyelashes become the object of admiration of men!