Home Lifting: Lifting Mask

The problem of loose skin many women face.Unfortunately, skin can lose tone, regardless of age.Nowadays, cosmetology successfully struggles with many problems, to improve the elasticity of the skin specialists have developed a lot of treatments and cosmetics.In the salons and shops offers a selection of creams and masks with lifting effect.But not everyone knows that such funds are easy to prepare at home.Moreover, from the products which are often at hand.Home firming facial mask increase the tone of the skin, make it supple, it helps to narrow pores.

to prepare homemade masks with lifting effect is typically used honey, oatmeal and egg whites.Moreover, these components may be used either singly or in various combinations.For example, the protein can be whipped and put on the face, ground oatmeal diluted with water.Honey can also be applied to just 20 minutes.face.However, firming face mask for dry skin is done with the addition of cheese, cream or egg yolk and oily - lemon juice.Here are a few recip

es for effective masks.

mask Hercules

firming facial mask Hercules evens the color and gives the skin elasticity.Prepare the mask is easy.Brew oatmeal, add olive oil (5 drops) and a spoonful of sour cream.The mixture should be thick, otherwise the mask will be spread.Keep the mask for 20 minutes.

Masks with gelatin

firming face mask with gelatin used in the aging, sagging skin.Also, it means excellent bleaches.Lifting effect is due to the fact that the gelatin thickens.At the same time the wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is tightened.To prepare mask gelatin pour hot milk or natural juice.Then put the bowl in a warm place (you can warm up in the microwave), the mixture swells, put it in the refrigerator.After mass thickened to the consistency of the gel mixture was applied to the face.Mask and wash after 20 minutes.

Another mask with gelatin.Peeled cucumber should be rubbed through a sieve to separate the pulp from the juice.Need just the flesh.Add 2 tsp. Green tea (hot) and as much of infusion of chamomile, and then gelatin (1h. Spoon).The mass is heated until thick, add the juice of cucumber and aloe (1h. Spoon)

Next mask tightens perfectly oval face, but it must be prepared with the use of zinc oxide.Gelatin (10 g.) With cold water (40 g.) The mixture was stirred for an hour and leave to swell.Rubs glycerol (40g.) And zinc oxide (10 g.) Until smooth, add the swollen gelatin and heated until dissolved.Wide bandage should be cut into 3 strips 30cm long.The first strip to put weight on the lower face, smooth out the ends to her temples.Second - on the forehead, and the third - in the middle of the face (from ear to ear).Keep the mask for half an hour.

Potato mask

Peel the parboiled potatoes, mash and mix with yogurt (1st. Spoon).Apply the mixture for 30 minutes.Masks pull-up with potatoes and can be applied to problem areas of the body, because they have anti-cellulite effect.

Cheese mask

Grate cheese, mix with sour cream (can be with cream).Coat weight for 15 min.

Pumpkin Mask

lifting effect also has vitamin facial mask pumpkin.Mix 2st.spoon mashed cooked pumpkin with olive or soybean oil (1st. Spoon).Mask well softens the skin, helps to smooth out wrinkles.

Grape Mask

well tones the skin as a mask from the grapes.Mash a few large grapes, add the lemon juice and honey.This mask is suitable for oily skin with enlarged pores.

have a tightening effect and other fruit and vegetable masks.For example, peach, apple, eggplant, and these components may be used alone.An excellent toning and firming mask is also a means of fresh tomatoes.