Peeling fruit acids

Peeling fruit acids - this is a special procedure for the removal of the surface layer of the epidermis using various techniques.Cleansing the skin is made to prevent the skin aging process, and for the correction of a variety of cosmetic defects manifested due to age-related changes.The procedure in which the fruit acids are used (otherwise, AHA acids) and chemicals called chemical peeling.Due to the direct effects of these substances on the skin, there is peeling of the top layer of the epidermis, which activates the metabolism and the formation of new cells, skin rejuvenation, body toning.

ANA - is the alpha gidrooksidanty, natural biological substances found in many plants.In this connection it is so popular to use AHA acids?You can list some properties:

- they provide a peeling effect without irritating the skin, without the need for mechanical action;

- facilitate penetration into the skin of nutrients, increasing their efficiency;

- activates the skin regeneration;

- whiten skin;

- can be used in all types of skin.

Cleaning the skin through exfoliation

Peeling fruit acids is a kind of purification, in which as a primary substance use different fruit acids: lactic acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, tartaric acid, grape, apple.From the standpoint of the cosmetic use of the acids are the most common.They allow you to create the effect of silky skin, smooth wrinkles, helps tightening facial contours, maintain moisture balance in the skin.Thanks acid activates a number of processes, improves the complexion, normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands and pores are cleaned from grease and dust accumulated over a long time.

Many may wonder how a person acts exfoliating fruit acids?Everything is simple: fruit acids help in the implementation process of exfoliation of keratin scales of the surface, providing an obstacle physiological processes.This allows acid to activate the local immune system, after which the skin gets nice color, softness, tenderness, softness and freshness.Such extensive use in cosmetics fruit acids is due to their broad enough spectrum of activity.This question is not the last role is played by the security - the almost complete absence of complications when used.

Peeling fruit acids can be recommended for teenagers with oily skin problems associated with hormones, as well as traces of acne.A dermatologist or cosmetologist chooses the optimal technique, timing of treatment and the type of acid used.The end result of one or a number of procedures may depend on the acid concentration and exposure time on the skin.Usually it appointed five to ten sessions with breaks in seven to ten days.During these sessions it is forbidden to expose the skin to the sun.Mode of purification at this time should be the most gentle.

Peeling fruit acids provides the skin also an antioxidant effect, allowing to neutralize the negative impact from the environment.The main effect is to stimulate the rejuvenation processes intradermal collagen synthesis, and in particular the action of glycosaminoglycans which have biological activity.It is these substances and are major components of cosmetics aimed at the fight against aging skin.

How can peel?

peeling can be divided into three types: superficial, middle and deep.On the surface, using fruit acids to exfoliate the top layer of the epidermis that improves breathing and blood supply to the skin.When median peeling is more profound effect, a similar procedure is recommended in specialized stores.Deep peels equal in complexity to surgery, it is done only in hospitals under general anesthesia.

To cleanse at home we can recommend affordable and simple option superficial peeling.This may be used ascorbic acid, malic acid or citric acid.Narrow pores can be cleaned and using the lactic and acetic acids.These acids may be purchased in pharmacies.For the procedure you want to take a ten percent solution, a stronger concentration may cause substantial harm to the skin.If you do not want to use acid solutions, you can always buy ready-made mask for exfoliation.

Usually a few drops of the acid solution is applied to the cleaned and dried skin, excluding the area around the eyes.Exposure time is not more than five minutes.During the procedure, you may receive a burning sensation or tingling.After five minutes worth of thoroughly wash the skin with warm water, then apply moisturizer.If the skin is reddened, you can use the infusion of green tea, making a cool compress.

Glycolic peels

Glycolic peels deserves special attention because it is the most common way of cleaning fruit acids.It is a complex effect on the superficial skin layers, while there is no congestion, typical of other methods peeling.Not seen edema, petechial hemorrhages and other negative consequences.After peeling of the acid is only a slight reddening of passing a few hours later.The same effect has peeling salicylic acid.

In general, it is understood that the peeling procedure is very useful, but before you start it is necessary to consult a specialist.