Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoo - ideal for those who have not decided to do the usual tattoo for a lifetime, or simply cares about the condition of your skin and health in general.Also, a temporary tattoo can be used as a possible example to the selected pattern, look, stop and decide to get used to this method of body decoration or yet to make a permanent tattoo.

temporary tattoo and is well suited for those who want to stand out and shine at the party, presentation, show, or if you want to impress your loved one, and hit him at the same time test the response to such decoration.This is an excellent option in the summer period on the beaches and swimming.

In the process of applying a temporary tattoo is not broken integrity of the skin, and the materials used are absolutely harmless.After some time drawing wash off and does not leave a trace on the body.What keeps a temporary tattoo?This depends mainly on the material used, method and place of drawing.Later it will be specified for each type separately, and whi

le it may be noted that some are held a few weeks, and some - a few months.

Temporary tattoos can be done with the use of metallic inks, henna, biological or chemical dyes, it is possible and aerotatuirovka.Some temporary tattoos can be applied at home, but for a special splendor and durability it is better to refer to a beauty salon.

Tactics applying temporary tattoos are easy and safe:

  • choice of application and sketch drawing;
  • surface treatment of the skin;
  • application of paint (the color can be any - gold, silver, turquoise, bright red, classic black).Initially, the sample is always conducted on an allergy, which sometimes occurs, especially when using chemical dyes.

innovation in the field of body art - waterproof temporary tattoo .It really is an excellent investment.It looks as effectively as conventional tattoo lasts much longer than a drawing made of the same henna (mehendi appliances) or glossy (glitter tattoo).Incidentally, the latter kind of body art is becoming more popular.

Glitter tattoo - quick and painless drawing on the body using a special glue and colored sequins.You can create your own design, or you can use a stencil.Sequins used are hypoallergenic, do not harm the skin, do not require special care, waterproof.They will approach the man of all ages and make it more visible.Glitter tattoos usually hold 7-12 days.If necessary, a tattoo can be safely removed before.

now briefly try to explain how to make a temporary tattoo at home without spending time and money at the salon.Initially, of course, thoroughly clean the skin at the place where will be located the picture.To do this it is best to use a scrub and then degreased with alcohol.Opting for a tattoo should be a healthy area of ​​skin where the hair as little as possible.

There are several kinds of suitable tattoo:

Decals .It is better to choose a decal with the paint on the basis of alcohol.This will avoid wrinkling tattoo.It dipped into the water opposite direction pictures, press it to the selected site and peel after a few seconds.This temporary tattoo will last 2-3 days.

Drawing marker .It looks like a real tattoo such, but will wash off at the first contact with water.

Printed tattoo .Apply a thick paint with a rubber stamp.Wash off after 2 days should be warm, soapy water.

Airbrush .Apply safe paint using a stencil, saved 10 days washed off with a special liquid.

Crystal Tattoo .First, a drawing, in which are laid on the glue rhinestones.This temporary tattoo is good for a celebratory moment, a photo shoot, then it is better to wash with a special solution to clean and moisturize the skin.

henna tattoo .This is the most popular and reliable way.First, prepare a special pasta.Mix 1 tablespoonsifted henna and ¼ Art.lemon juice, bring to a uniform consistency, tightly wrapped in a plastic bag and leave in a warm place for 12 hours (can be longer).Then the mixture is added to 1 ch.l.sahara, sandalwood essential oil or eucalyptus, and lemon juice until the consistency of thick cream.To sustain another 12 hours.Graceful lines should be applied with a fine brush on the eyeliner or syringe.Wash them in half an hour, the place of mineral oil to lubricate and repeat the procedure until you reach the desired bright color effect.To prolong the life of the figure, experts advise to periodically wipe its essential oil, particularly before contact with water.Begins to fade a tattoo somewhere 3 weeks.

Decorate your body temporary tattoo that no non-binding, but it will add charm and appeal!