Nomination - bracelet new generation

modern accessories and jewelry for women are filled with its diversity of styles, colors and unusual shapes.It would seem that the designers have nothing to offer finicky fashionista.However, Nomination bracelets have become a real trend in 2015 and gained great popularity among women around the world.In this article you will learn about all the features of this unusual decorations.

Nomination - bracelet stylish woman

This unusual accessory owes its appearance to the Italian designer Paolo Gensini.It was he who invented the modular bracelets that any girl can collect virtually hands.In addition, each decoration is the only one of its kind, and you can be sure that the second instance will not like anybody in the world.

bracelet looks very elegant that you can wear them as a daily office suit or an evening dress.A sleek design is able to complement the image of women of all ages and status.No wonder the brand chosen Nomination known socialites and actresses.

What makes jewelry?

modular bracelets became popular after the famous series called "Pandora".However, the design of these decorations was quite different from what is offered to the Italian designer (Nomination).The bracelet allows you to create a story through thematic modules with different images.Here you can find letters, numbers, astrological signs, themed images, and even flags of the world.Thanks bracelets can convey mood, capture the memorable date, and even express their feelings.Therefore, this ornament is a great gift for any woman.

Italian Nomination bracelets produced a revolution in the field of jewelry.After all, before the gold and silver accessories offered exclusively in the design decisions of their creators.While the links for bracelets Nomination allow yourself to create a unique and unique decoration.This feature allowed the brand to enter the global level and become known to the whole world.

modules Italian bracelets

When creating links for modular bracelets are exclusively used innovative technologies in the field of jewelry craftsmanship.And the attention to detail and quality of the material expresses the spirit of the Italian masters.

Each module is made of silver 925 and gold 720-th sample.In addition, some of the links can be found inclusions of precious and semiprecious stones.This makes bracelets truly an elite and unique decoration.

to replace the units do not need to go to jewelers, because it can be done at home.Due to the special mechanism of each module is easily detached smooth touch.A spring located inside does not allow the bracelet to crumble during wear.This invention made the decoration of Italian designers really practical in everyday use.

How much bracelets Nomination?

Buy-known Italian manufacturer of decorations can be even on the territory of Russia.On the website of the manufacturer presented addresses of shops where you can explore the full range of Nomination.Bracelets are also available for purchase at many online stores that allow you to arrange free delivery to your home.

price of the product will depend on its configuration.Thus, steel base will cost about 1,200 rubles.In addition, each link bracelet sold separately.The price per unit is about 700-900 rubles (depending on the material and the presence of inclusions).That is the cost of the complete set on a steel base will be about 13 thousand rubles.

addition to the standard build, you can order a bracelet on a leather strap.His foundation is 600 rubles, and allows you to carry from one to ten modules.In addition, different colors of the strap will help you choose the perfect option for any image.

When purchasing be sure to pay attention to the stamp on the reverse side of the module.It must necessarily indicate the composition of the material, and the sample number and the manufacturer's logo - Nomination.The bracelet must also have the original packaging and certificate of quality.It is now possible to meet a lot of fakes.To protect themselves from failed purchase, choose the only official store products.