How to stretch the shoes in the home: a lot of effective ways

you saw in a shop window a pair of beautiful shoes and immediately fell in love with them?Happens ... But how bitter resentment and frustration when it turns out that they have a size smaller than you want.What to do?Refuse to buy?If you really like this model and right now, you can buy shoes and try them in the home stretch.There are many effective ways on how to do it.This article describes in detail how to stretch shoes at home so as not to spoil their appearance and do not compromise the integrity of joints and fastenings details.We offer to take them on board.

How can stretch the shoes?Traditional methods

  • Wearing new shoes around the house .Put his feet wet socks (under the condition that the room is warm) Put on new shoes and walk as much as you can.The moisture infiltrates natural and artificial leather, suede, making the material flexible.You can stretch the shoes, wearing on their feet thick knitted socks.If, within two or three days shoes are not changed in size, this method can no lon
    ger be used to apply a drastic measure.
  • Freezing .How to stretch the shoes size in this way?Insert inside the package (make sure it was a whole) and fill it with water.The liquid should fill the entire surface of the toe to the heel.Put shoes in the freezer overnight.The water turning into ice, expands, and this means that your shoes will also increase in size.The next morning, remove the shoes from the refrigerator and allow the water to thaw naturally.Remove the packages with water, wipe the inside of the shoe with a towel and put them on the leg.Difference between "before" and "after" will be visible.
  • Heating shoe hairdryer (for leather).As the stretch shoes in the home using this device?Wear thick socks on his feet, Put on shoes.Flexing the foot, the shoe hairdryer warm up for about a minute.Then let it cool on your feet.Repeat this procedure several times in succession, changing into thin thick socks and then all on nylon.As a result, the skin becomes soft and supple.After the procedure, treat the shoes cream or conditioner for leather.
  • wet paper. Fill tightly the entire inner surface of shoes wet newspaper or rags.Rammed them thoroughly, but try not to distort the shape of the shoe.Leave to dry at room temperature.Then, remove the paper and put on shoes.They will be much more convenient.
  • Potatoes can also be a good helper in increasing the size of the shoe.Peel a few potatoes and put them in the shoes overnight.The material from which sewed shoes, absorbs moisture and becomes pliable to stretch.In the morning, remove the potatoes and put shoes on their feet and walk around the house.You will notice that they pinch you have much less.

shoes How to stretch at home with the help of professional tools and appliances?

  • Terminal-stretcher .This wooden tool, which is a bar with screws.It is inserted into the shoes, stretch down to size and fixed with screws.In this state, leave the shoes for a few days and then take off the stretcher.In this way you can enlarge and footwear in width and in length.Buy this device can be in a shoe shop.
  • Oil and spray for shoes.Special liquid funds, which are based on alcohol, is a good helper to stretch shoes.They treated the surface of shoes and then apply shoe.These preparations accelerate the increase in size, making the material is soft and flexible.

Now you know how to stretch the shoes in the home.But remember that they can increase the size of the shoe literally.Therefore, it is better to buy shoes on the leg or, if less, then only one size.Comfortable shoes and your good shopping!