Concealer for face: how to use right?

happy owner of perfect skin on the ground not so much.Blame the poor environmental conditions, poor nutrition, emotions, stress.Of course, a smooth flawless skin is more interested in girls.The yield found - use concealer.It is a wonderful tool to prepare the skin for make-up and eliminate all defects.

variety and texture

Many girls begin applying makeup with foundation all over the face.To achieve a better result, manufacturers of cosmetics and makeup artists suggest using a concealer.

Concealer - is carefully designed and tested cosmetics that gives girls the perfect makeup.He disguise everything seemed dark spots are erased from the face, no wrinkles and fine webs, black eyes disappear, the skin becomes radiant and fresh.Each species gives its effect.Any deficiencies concealer hides the face.How to use them, they do not know everything, but nothing complicated.

Liquid Concealer liquid texture is designed to eliminate defects at the most sensitive parts: the area around the eyes and lips.It

is ideally disguises redness, but the black dots are not subject to it.Convenient liquid texture is easily applied to the skin.If you are an evening make-up, you can shade a few drops of a sponge, you get the effect of "Porcelain" face.For daytime make-up, apply a concealer dotted, so it will not be noticeable, and the imperfections of the skin with it.


concealer This form is very convenient to use.But be careful - the pencil stretches the skin, so the eyes zealous not worth it.The main purpose of the pencil-corrector - to hide pimples.He handles them best.If the face has burst flasks, stains - safely hold the pencil.Application should only point.Day better shade finger application site, but in the evening or for a photo shoot, you can apply a layer thicker.


This type of concealer is suitable not for everyone.The texture is very dry, so around the eyes and lips do not need to use.It is not the most popular concealer.How to use?Photos help to deal with the application of technology.Thick consistency perfectly masks the scars on his face and irregularities.It acts like a coat, obscuring depression and leveling the surface.The only negative - very dry skin.Therefore, it is not suitable for daily use.

Moisturizing and Skin Care

constant need hydration.You can use a special fluid make-up, but there are more effective means.Giving the skin moisture - the best concealer for face.How to use?Very simple.Apply a thin layer like a normal day cream.The skin will become matte finish, black eyes become almost invisible.But the most important thing is that it is composed of useful moisturizing ingredients.The skin just gets healthy and smart appearance.If you use this tool constantly, facial wrinkles become less visible.

Make a choice

Concealer - very soft means that in contrast to the corrector does not harm the delicate skin around the eyes.Before you get it, you need to learn how to use concealer.Photos help to choose the right type and shade manufacturer.The market offers a wide range of cosmetic products for every budget.On concealer better not to save.It will suffice for a long time, if used sparingly.

skin color

main criterion when choosing a concealer - color.We need to pick up an identical native hue."The Snow Queen" with snow-white skin in any case will not do dark colors.These spots will be allocated on the skin.Better to take a peach or pink.Owners dull, greyish skin approach natural beige.It will refresh your face and give the skin a healthy appearance.Apricot good tone conceals dark circles under the eyes and is suitable for any skin color.Tanned beauties recommended for all shades of bronze, then it seems as if the skin emits light.

applied correctly

not enough to choose the right shade, you need to know how to use concealer to the eye.The skin in this area sensitive and delicate, so you need to get rid of bruises carefully:

  • fingertips should be warm;
  • slowly cover the face creams;
  • put on fingertips agent and dotting under the eyes;
  • Now start tapping distribute funds;
  • the skin under the eyes can not stretch and injure, or unexpected wrinkles are formed;
  • if concealer color, it is applied under foundation.


colored concealers are more effective.Creamy texture usually sold in pallets.This set is needed every girl who aspires to perfect makeup.Hide skin imperfections can contrast colors.Here's how to use mosaic concealers:

  • purple concealer neutralizes the orange-brown freckles;
  • purple and blue hides blemishes yellow hue;
  • green fighting all manifestations of red;
  • orange - used with caution and in minimal quantities, it is not suitable for all skin tones;
  • pink - the patron of green spots and black circles under the eyes, on the red better not to cause defects as flaws will become more noticeable.

is necessary to carefully examine all the topics related concealer for face: how to use what the manufacturers better suit the type of your skin.All this is very important if you want to achieve the ideal result.

Some errors

Some girls do not know how to deal with green concealer.And this is a very important touch to make-up, especially if there is redness and irritation.Apply on the face of a drop of moisturizer, give soak for several minutes.Then begin to thin brush to apply a layer of green funds around the pimple, gradually moving to the middle.Mask the redness completely, and then apply a layer of foundation.Now that you know how to use a green concealer.

Before you start masking the area around the eye, be sure to apply a cream base.Concealer and foundation driven into the wrinkles, becomes untidy appearance and added a few short years.

Do not shade by means of dry skin, even if you know how to use mosaic concealers.The tool has a firm texture and hands before applying the best moisten with water.Then you will be able to seamlessly hide all skin imperfections.

Dislikes feather fingers (especially cold) concealer for face.How to use this right?Make-up artists are advised to use a brush, which should be washed after each application.If all the same it is more convenient to shade fingers, they must be warm.

perfecting makeup

To make a stunning make-up, without the slightest flaw, there highlighter.This is the last major barcode image.It highlights the desired areas of the face, gives a person relief.The main thing - do not overdo it with this tool.Light touches, gentle touch - and highlights apart.

Apply highlighter need only convex areas of the face: the nose, the chin, the area under the eyebrows.This facility is not considered to be tinted, but they need to use caution.Available in the form of a cream, powder, liquids.

Like any tool, you need to select the highlighter under the color of their own skin.Girls with dark skin should give preference to a golden color.Owners cheeks pink light pink tone will-to-face, white-skinned beauties worthy peach tones.

basic rules

Apply highlighter you can learn how to:

  • narrow forehead can be increased by applying the highlighter to the side part, closer to the temporal zone;
  • means to apply hairline - brow lengthened;
  • want to increase the shape of the eye - to highlight their inner corners;
  • put means on the upper lip - and visually increase the volume;
  • if a little prisvetlit cheekbones, the face will become more expressive;
  • apply highlighter to the bone under your eyes and you will see an excellent lifting effect - rejuvenate the face a few years;
  • to raise eyebrows and highlight the eyes, apply a thin line means under the eyebrows.

Now you know how to use highlighter and concealer.Experiment, try new tools and applying styles.Makeup artist services are not cheap, and learn how to apply professional make-up is quite real.Love yourself, take care of the skin - and she will respond to you the beauty and radiance!After all, there is no limit to perfection!