Wedding in the winter - ideas.

course, the wedding - one of the brightest and most anticipated events in the life of every girl.She - the bride, the star of the day, the most beautiful and happy.And, of course, every girl dreams of her wedding was so extraordinary, elegant, magical word, perfect.

And what brings joy to plan details, search for accessories listening to songs for the first dance, the choice of the bouquet and invitation!But if the celebration also is planned for the winter, you will need an individual approach.We'll have to carefully consider all the details, provide for possible difficulties, make sure that the guests feel comfortable.

However, it's worth the effort, because the Russian winter wedding - extremely impressive sight.Soft fluffy snow is a very exquisite bride, adorned with light frost rosy cheeks handsome groom, and only wedding photo shoot in the winter deserves the most flattering words.Well, these tips will help you plan the perfect fairytale wedding!

Features celebrations

Let's look at what a wedding in the winter, the pros and cons of this event, we shall discuss in detail.This will help you decide whether to implement his dream in life or is it better to wait until marriage to the warmer season.

From the most, perhaps, the enormous advantages - crazy discounts on all kinds of wedding services.In the winter a lot easier to rent the desired room, book a posh car, enroll in a sought after hair stylist, buy fashionable dress of the shares at half price.

More from positive - no queues at the registry office.You can safely choose a favorite day with enthusiasm and make sure that it is free!The range of wedding dresses, shoes, accessories unusually wide, in contrast to the summer months, when dozens of brides are worn on interiors, sweeping away everything in its path.Imagine a winter video - it's a real masterpiece!

What are the disadvantages?

course, the weather.It can be unpredictable.Although, in principle, in the summer, too, no one is immune from the torrential rain with thunder and lightning.However, our winters can "please" not only snow but also thaw with mud puddles and the other consequences.Just in case you need to be prepared for this.Still need to think about where to put the guests at the wedding photo shoot, because they are unlikely to want to walk in the street for several hours.However, this problem is solved by a light buffet waiting for the young.If

celebration will be held in the city during the bad weather there is a chance to get stuck in traffic and late in the registry office or restaurant.And, of course, winter - the season of colds, so you need to take care of oneself, and try not to catch the virus.

As you can see, not many cons, and they are not so weighty that because they deny themselves the pleasure of playing this Russian wedding!

Choosing a wedding dress

In winter, of course, for the wedding needs a special outfit.Unfortunately, special dresses designers have not yet come up, and in the winter, as in any other period, bridal boutiques offer apparel organza, satin, brocade and silk.But at the same time there are countless accessories to keep warm at the same time, and give the image of the bride's unique magical flavor.You can pick up a stylish coat or a coat, sew a fur coat, gloves or order a gourmet muff.

not have a problem with a shoe - any decent interior has an impressive range of ankle boots, boots and ankle boots, you will only have to decide on the model!As you can see, to be so stunning bride, this Snow Queen is only possible on a winter wedding!

Choosing a wedding scenario: the best way to celebrate winter celebration?

Of course, you need a separate approach to the way it will be a holiday in the cold season.Style wedding in the winter can be very unusual - for example, the triumph of the spirit tale "Twelve Months".This does not necessarily carry the guests of the city to the forest - a cozy town landing approach or the beautiful park.Ideal if it will be next to the restaurant, which is scheduled to play the wedding.

Imagine trees shrouded in snow, bright fire (it is necessary to take care in advance - see if you can build a fire in this place, prepare firewood, fuel, matches, and the honor of his incitement to assign to the witnesses), flushed, happy bride with a bouquetsnowdrops ...

guests do not feel cold, instead of the traditional champagne can offer them mulled wine - elegant and stylish, but also very fragrant.Outdoors enough to hold one or two of the competition, so that none of the guests did not have time to feel discomfort from pinching frost.And then you can go to the banquet hall, which also will be executed in accordance with the tale.For example, divided into four sectors-season, each in a different color.Winter - blue and white colors of spring - in soft green and light green, summer - in yellow and fall - orange and crimson red.

tables, according to the season, can be decorated with artificial snowflakes, branches of flowering trees, bouquets of bright colors and wheat spikelets.You can pick up towels in the subject, to make cards for guests befitting a particular sector style.In general, unlimited flight of fancy when played winter wedding!Ideas of it can be found in the fairy tales, classic American Christmas movies of the ancient Russian traditions.

Fairy scenario

example, to base all your favorite "Snow Queen".This setting is ideal when the intended wedding in the winter!Ideas for its implementation are: the main actors - the Snow Queen, and Kai, they are also the bride and groom.Wedding dress for a fairy tale should be a truly royal!

where appropriate lace, crystals, Swarovski stones, fur skirts.We should also reflect on the make-up.After all the action takes place in a fantasy world, and the main character - not anyone else, and the queen of winter!So let's say more than artistic make-up with a list, with small rhinestones, pearl silver shadows, abstract motifs ... The tone of it can be done and a manicure.

venue - the North Pole!What could be more beautiful when I walk wedding winter?Ideas him "everything" that's what: let the room will be decorated with snow-covered branches, shimmering snowflakes, ice sculptures, fir cones, glass balls white and blue tones.After all, today a banquet hall - it's not just a restaurant, and the Royal Palace, ice, sparkling and cold.On the table, even if there are glasses and decanters of cut glass, silver bowls with ice cubes for alcoholic beverages.In short, the field of activity is huge, everything depends on the imagination of the organizers!

good option

What else you can think of a scenario where the wedding is held in the winter?There are different ideas.For example, you can order three white horses with bells and painted the cart instead of foreign cars, and arrange for the young Russian folk wedding was done on a celebration on Valentine's Day, or Shrove Tuesday.Such events are crazy popular.

Depending on the topic, you can dress up the room with all sorts of hearts and red and gold helium balloons or encapsulate it in a good-quality Russian log hut with samovar, balalaika, a chest for gifts.A bridesmaid can appear as red girls in folk costumes and jewelry.

remains to choose the appropriate option and enjoy the preparation!

Memory photo

course, the wedding is a significant event in the winter.Ideas of the photo shoot should be thoroughly thought through.After all, a fabulous pictures remain a long memory.Photos and videos taken during the winter wedding, very impressive.Of course, it is imperative to make a series of shots in the open air, surrounded by snowflakes and snow drifts, and only then move on to the hall for the celebration.

However, guests can go there immediately, so as not to knock his teeth in the cold, looking forward to when the young finally finished filming.Let no one adjusts the groom, bride, and witnesses, as they work on the most basic nuance - memorable shots.

interesting options

And what incredible pictures can be done if there is a wedding in the winter!Photography ideas astonishingly varied.Only need to take care about the accessories that can help make a photo shoot bright, catchy and fresh!Rent, buy or look at a friend fur hats, beautiful winter mittens with pattern, thick and bright stylish scarves stoles.Excellent complement the picture of a cup of steaming mulled wine, bundles of wood, sled, kindled a fire in the middle of snow.You can play in the snow, photographed on skating rink, make a record near a huge snowman (of course, it would be nice to make it to a photo shoot, but not during).

Good to know

Do not forget that in the winter it gets dark early, so work with photographers and videographers better plan for the first half of the day.However, in the frames of the evening, too, has its own charm - wonderful photos will be in the light of night lights, snowflakes swirling around them, as well as on the background of blackened snow-covered trees.

It all depends on how professional equipment have hired experts and what opportunities it gives.Naturally, all this should specify a few days before the celebration.If time permits, you can even shoot a romantic love story with the bride and groom.Then the operator will impose on the footage to your favorite slow music, add a couple of special effects, make titles and home collection will present a film about the creation of your family.


Let luxury wedding will lead to a luxurious, long, happy married life!