"Vinilyuks" (varnish) reviews the application, a photo results.

Nail polish should not only have a rich palette, but also be resistant and safe to use.After all, it depends on the beauty of the female handles and the effect that produces the image on others.In this article you will learn why so popular nail "Vinilyuks", reviews of which are exclusively positive.But first things first.

new cosmetics - nail "Vinilyuks"

Reviews of this means literally flooded the Internet.But what exactly is this new product stands out among other well-known manufacturers of other varnishes?

Firstly, "Vinilyuks" meets all safety requirements, which can boast not every nail polish.It includes no harmful to the body components (formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene), which proves marking "3Free" each tube.

Second, the manufacturer offers a rich palette of colors.Therefore, every woman can find the perfect shade for your everyday image.

And thirdly, "Vinilyuks" (varnish), reviews of which prove its durability, requires a multi-layer coating.It all used to that regular nai

l polish must be applied at least three times to get a bright color.A varnish of CND requires only one application.Fix the result can be a special finish that came in the kit.

Resistance nail varnish from CND

distinctive feature of lacquer "Vinilyuks" is its high resistance.Chemists Laboratory CND has repeatedly tested the product before releasing it for sale.The study found that the nail polish can hold up to two weeks in its original form.This is a great advantage for women with active lifestyles.

Compared with conventional means of budgetary varnishes which crumbled on the nails for 2-3 days after application, the developers CND revolutionized!After nail "Vinilyuks" only gets harder and harder at it from falling natural sunlight.This is due to the specific component which reacts to photosynthesis.Earlier this unique technology does not use any manufacturer of nail products for women in the world.

color palette very resistant varnish

in creating palette of varnish took part not only of the developers, but also the world's leading designers.It means for nails should be a trend, as well as clothes or accessories.

Luck "Vinilyuks" Faberlic ", reviews of which can be found even on the nail masters, has a broad palette, consisting of 62 rich colors. Of these 30 colors are matte texture, which this year is at its peak of popularity.

In addition, developers of nail presented to women is another unexpected surprise. All the colors of lacquer of CND can be mixed together to create their own unique and inimitable colors. This allows manicure creative and fascinating process.

How to do a manicure?

Beforehow to apply varnish, is required to remove the remnants of the old cover and put his hands in the tub with warm, soapy water. To strengthen nails, you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil. And if your nails exfoliate, and your skin is very dry, mix the salt compress. After thisprocedure, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing cream or serum. And repeat it regularly to get rid of problems with dry hands and brittle nails.

Then you need to remove the cuticle usual way (cut clippers, push with a wooden stick or handle special solution) and give your nails shape.It is known that the pointed tips are the most durable and least traumatic.While the square-shaped nails will break.

should then be degreased nails with a special solution and apply the first coat of the selected color.Lac "Vinilyuks" reviews with photos which prove the brightness and saturation of colors, very quick drying.It suffices to 2-3 minutes.Then you want to apply the final layer of finish and give manicure to dry completely.

As you remove the nail "Vinilyuks"?

to remove stubborn nail polish does not fit the usual liquid which is sold in stores household chemicals.After all, its composition is different from other well-known manufacturers.Therefore, when buying lacquer do not forget to buy a special solution from CND.Its cost is about $ 100.But before removing the varnish is required to hold nails in a solution of about 1-2 minutes.

How much is a nail-gel "Vinilyuks"?

Reviews Manufacturer CND argue that the cost of manicure - not the budget.For example, one bottle of nail polish and finish of the final cost to the buyer of a thousand rubles.However, given its durability and relatively economical rate (15 ml varnish is enough for about 20 applications), the price can be considered justifiable.

Where to buy?

Buy nail "SNM Vinilyuks" reviews which proved its durability, it is possible in many online stores.It is proposed to arrange a free home delivery, and choose any color from a palette.

In addition, quite a wide range of varnish can be found in retail large networks of cosmetics and perfumes.For example, in "L'Etoile" or Mon Amie.However, in these stores can not always be a full palette of colors.But the advantage of buying in such a place is that any color can be tested before purchase.A regular promotions and discounts can save a considerable amount.

"Vinilyuks" (varnish): reviews of real users

judge the quality of a manicure can be exclusively on the comments of customers who have already evaluated the quality of the product.The same applies to the manufacturer's CND.

"Vinilyuks" (LAC), which reviews the most part positive, really has a high resistance.And it shows the experience of thousands of women worldwide.In addition, the tool does not have the pungent smell, as cheaper varnishes, and very easy to apply on the nail.Specially designed brush allows you to evenly distribute the agent with just one movement, it saves time to create a manicure.In other words, the benefits of CND nail polish is quite obvious even simple inhabitants.It's no wonder it is used even manicure and pedicure in beauty salons.But these people know a lot about good varnishes manufacturers of world renown.

However, you can often find negative reviews.As a rule, they are associated with a high cost to "Vinilyuks" (varnish).Reviews show that over one thousand rubles, you can buy a dozen bottles more affordable and cheap lacquer.But if you consider the quality of the raw materials used and the effect that such a high price is justified by the manufacturer.Many women who have at least once used a lacquer from CND, rarely returning to the usual budget.Sometimes it is better to overpay and get a better effect than buy a few low-quality assets and wasting money.

If you are looking for a good nail polish that provides a chic manicure for a long time, pay attention to the "Vinilyuks."Today it is the most stable and durable nail polish that has ever appeared on the shelves of cosmetics stores.