Moisturizing hand cream for very dry skin

about people very often, almost always, for the first time judged by their appearance.They say the first impression is the most powerful.It leaves traces on all further what happens between people.This impression, which develops in the first few tens of seconds of meeting, depends on the state hands.

skin condition of hands - is the calling card of a person

Why is beautiful, smooth and well-groomed skin of hands, cuticle is so important, what is the meaning?If your skin is dry and cracked, you're accustomed to rough manual work and everyday mental, intellectual and creative work is far from you.And who wants to be perceived this way?After all, it is a priori denies all perspectives, whether it is work or personal life.It may be objected that callous your hands on what you are planting orchids in his garden, which is located in the prestigious area of ​​the city, but believe me, no such thought in his head had not yet come, and will not come.Once you have decided to appear in public, then appeared at

its best - so think almost everything.Another point: well-groomed hands - it is always the result of a daily work on them.It is obvious that if you are used to constantly monitor their condition, then one day of work in the garden can not nullify the result of daily care.Delving into the ground and putting his hands exposed to cold water, but use gloves and protective hand cream for very dry skin, you save its elasticity.And do not trust in the color varnish and jewelery.They will only aggravate the bad impression.

This long introduction is not accidental.As ASPushkin: "Be sensible person can think about the beauty of nails."We all decided to bring the hands in order, and it takes considerable time and effort.It must be configured properly.Why

face creams are not suitable for hand care?

modern cosmetic industry offers a variety of means to care for your hands.This is all kinds of protective gels, creams, serums, oils, masks, body wraps, scrubs and so on.It is important for each person to develop a system of care.However, there are general rules for all.

Pay attention to the skin of the hands is necessary every day.Your kit for hands should contain all of the above means.Do not try to use to over-dry the skin of hands your best cream for dry skin.When creating hygiene products manufacturers take into account the structure of the skin tissue of different parts of the body.Skin, as opposed to persons who are not divided into categories - normal, oily, combined.She quickly loses moisture, is more prone to irritation, thinner and permeable, easier to lose water and nutrients are less delays.The structure hand creams, inter alia, is added and the components strengthening fingernails.

cream with gelatin and biostimulirovannym oil

for recovery and hydration of dried epidermis hands do yourself a natural homemade cream for dry, sensitive skin.

To prepare you need the following ingredients:

- dry grass, sage and nettle:

- gelatin;

- beeswax;

- biostimulirovannoe aloe oil, spirulina, or thistle.

one tablespoon of sage and nettle pour a glass of boiling water and put on 15 minutes in a water bath.Strain and put in a 1 teaspoon gelatin.Let it swell for 10 minutes.While the gelatin swell, melt in a water bath half teaspoon of beeswax, pour it 2 teaspoons of oil and stir well.Connect both emulsions.Bring a water bath until smooth.Homemade cream for dry skin should be refrigerated and used within a month, no more.Apply it on a clean and steaming your hands at night.For the first time put on for half an hour, and plastic woolen gloves, and the rest of the night held in soft cotton.Before putting on warm them on the battery.After three days of polyethylene and can not wear wool.Sleep in cotton.The result will be visible in the next few days, but for a week or two your hands will get an updated view.Oil Aloe great effect on the skin.It is perfectly heals small cracks, relieves inflammation and itching, moisturizes and smooths wrinkles.In the morning, before you do things, cover the hands protective cream.It will prevent over-drying.

particularly useful and effective this cream for dry skin in the winter when the humidity is very low and the epidermis is experiencing sharp fluctuations in temperature between the warm air in the room before the frost on the street.

Problems with cuticles

Once you have solved the problems caused by the dehydration of the skin: heal cracks and scratches, restored the acid-alkaline balance of the epidermis, you can do the following tasks.In what condition your cuticles?It requires special care.Excessively cuticle loses its elasticity, is compressed while continuing to grow.It provokes tears that all known as burrs.To get rid of them, will have to work hard.Damage to the entire back surface of the palm of hand cream for very dry skin and penetrate into the nail hole, moisten it.However, due to the specific composition of the cuticle tissue, nail plate and nail bed it will not be a full withdrawal.And it does not solve all the problems.It is best to cope with them drugs containing flaxseed or agar-agar.

Night Cream with agar

One tablespoon of dried parsley pour a half cup of boiling water and then in a water bath for 15 minutes.Strain the broth and sprinkle in in one-third of the agar.Again put on the bath.Pour in to the same teaspoon of flaxseed oil.Add a small piece of cocoa butter.All stir and bring to a complete dissolution.I should get a homogeneous mass.Apply it on clean hands, gently massage, carefully rub into the cuticle, put on plastic and cotton gloves and go to sleep.In the morning you will be surprised the resulting effect.If you use this cream regularly, at least once a week, your skin becomes very smooth and silky, color aligned, and much nails grow stronger.This cream is best to use in the winter season.

Cream flaxseed

Pour into a thermos tablespoon of flax seed and pour half a cup of boiling water.Insist hours 8. Strain through a metal sieve.Heat the broth and dissolve it in a quarter of a teaspoon of beeswax, add a coffee spoon of different oils - aloe, black cumin, watermelon seed, sesame, saffron and Shea.Put a small piece of cocoa butter.Everything is as it should stir.This cream - a real gift for the hands with problematic and sensitive skin.If you do not find one or two components - it does not matter.The main thing here - flaxseed.Keep the cream in the refrigerator and use as needed.The best result can be achieved if to put it on at night, cotton gloves.

What cream is best to buy in the shops?

But day cream for dry skin of the hands is better to buy from a known and proven company.The fact that the day creams do not leave oily stains, and well protected from ultraviolet radiation.You can pick up a cream, depending on the needs - to align colors, eliminate age spots, heal microtrauma, strengthen nails, softening and moisturizing the skin.

Hands - mirror of the soul

Even if the soul of gold, grubby hands raise many questions.If humidif skin, nails burr-free, smooth shapes, polished to a shine and have white stripes on the protruding ends of the pads, the reason there is more interest in the man, I want to look into his soul.Maybe it's wrong, but subconsciously look human, we often projecting and his inner world.A man working profession is allowed to have a rough calloused hands, but for the citizens who are not engaged in physical labor in the wind, or under the scorching sun, it is inexcusable.

As for women, their skin is thin and delicate, and therefore requires even more care than men.

factors that adversely affect the condition of the skin of hands

When using aggressive detergents, work in the garden or the garden, exposed to adverse environmental factors such as dry air, exposure to the sun, hard water, and so on, your skin is covered with a fine mesh of wrinkles, cracks and Tsipko, with age on it an unwanted pigmentation, so-called senile buckwheat.

more or less good skin can boast only residents of regions with maritime temperate climate.Their skin is rarely over-dry.But residents of the continental part of Russia, they have it constantly moisturize.This should be done after each hand washing.It is better to use hand cream for very dry skin.If you put it on over-dried skin, though it will be more elastic and extensible, it will not crack, but the mesh of wrinkles remain.New cracks do not appear, however, dehydrated skin cream is absorbed poorly.For best results, before you apply hand cream for very dry skin, you should hover the brush in hot water.

Revitalizing package of measures

To restore running the epidermis, it is recommended for several days to carry out the following procedure.Take a bath of hot water with good natural soap.Dip it in the hands and hold for 20 minutes After this time, rinse your hands with hot water and apply to the skin greasy night cream for dry skin.Put on plastic gloves.These gloves, wear warm wool.Keep them on hand an hour and a half.At this time, you can watch a movie or do something else that does not require the participation of the hands, the same yoga or breathing exercises.When you take off the gloves, the cream has been absorbed and very well moisturizes the skin.

For the best effect, apply the cream on your hands with a bleaching effect or anti-aging complex.Use your fingertips to hammer it into the skin of the back of the hand.Rub the cream into the skin around the nail, paying special attention to the cuticle.Massage your fingers.Movement for massage resemble pulling tight gloves.After that, put on soft cotton gloves and leave overnight.In the morning you will not know their own hands.Throughout the day, expose them to dry air and extreme temperatures.

prevention of skin problems hands

particularly harmful to the hands of the dry cold.Wash your hands with hot water only with a natural soap.On moist warm hands immediately after washing, apply a moisturizer for dry skin.If you work in rubber gloves, then, before you put them on, apply a small amount of skin cream.Do not dry hands with hairdryer, and use a towel.Do not go in cold weather without gloves.After a swim in the salty waters immediately rinse off the remains of salt and applied to the body and hand creams for dry and dehydrated skin.

Remember that problems with the knuckles start with the problems of the skin of hands.Applying a cream massage movements improve not only its appearance but also the mobility of the joints, which prevents the deposition of salts.Grooming hands, you extend yourself youth.