Tales for children: cheer crumbs

Usually parents (especially mothers) since birth talk to their kids: tell simple rhymes or sing songs.Their children listen with pleasure, even in an age when even do not understand.Pediatricians say that it is very important for the child as between mother and baby is set in close contact, and the baby learns a pleasant tone of voice of a loved one.

means to cheer child

long ago invented nursery rhymes for children: their parents are used in educational and training purposes.They are small poems, available for children's understanding and easy to repeat.Tales - is a type of oral folk art, through which a child can cheer or adjust the desired fashion when he suddenly stubborn or upset any occasion.

Poteshki for the little ones are a wonderful invention of mankind, which helps the child to get acquainted with the surrounding world.Some of them are accompanied by certain gestures or facial expressions from adults, kids are willing to remember and repeat.

example, all known since childhood, "horny

goat" is sure to cheer any child, even if he just cried and looked unhappy.And all because he knows that when mother and grandmother singing these poems in the manner of unpretentious songs, be sure to follow them for a certain gesture, causing the baby delight and laughter.

reflection of real life

any other genre of folk art endures over time some changes, but not nursery rhymes for the youngest, who even in different nations of the world have almost the same meaning in translation.Perhaps this is due to the fact that they reflect the same events of daily life:

  • washing;
  • feeding;
  • walk;
  • preparing for bed.

child, hearing the funny poems from parents perceive words and gestures, that affects the mental ability of the baby.Singing songs, nursery rhymes for the youngest mothers and grandmothers put some sense in their actions.For example, the little girl does not want to wash, then it can help - offer to play a game of "Let's wash", singing:

"Oh, Vodicka good!
Net Vodicka!
swim (Nastya, Katya) baby,
That shining face! "

girl willingly climb into the water to wash himself and will, when in the tub or a large basin float favorite rubber toy, and her mother lets them play and participate in the game, too.

To help parents

other words, nursery rhymes for the youngest set up for children and parents.They help in the form of a game to do what the kid does not want to do obviously, but it is necessary.And they can be used from very early childhood.

example, some poems, nursery rhymes for the youngest are used in massage:

"pull my friend,

Turn on the flank,

tummy turn around,

Mom gently smile!"

in nursery rhymes can be addressed directly to the child, replacing the right word in the name of a boy or girl."Playing" with the way your son or daughter, mom and dad are doing a great job: teach a child to listen and hear!