Exercising after sleeping in the older group.

Gymnastics after sleeping in the older group is obligatory.After all, immediately after waking child's body should be given a boost of energy for future games and activities.And to cope with this task will help a simple set of simple exercises that are simple in execution, but make muscles "warm up" and help the body as a whole finally go into active mode.

best if such exercises after sleeping in the older group will be held in the form of the game - then it will be not only useful but also interesting for kids.Here are some exercises that are practiced in most modern kindergartens and recognized as one of the best:

  1. «Kitten awakening."To start the kids have to take a starting position - lying on his back, arms at the same time should be extended along the body.Alternately raising his arms up and stretching, the kids (they are on the game - the kittens) sip "forelegs."
  2. Then you can begin to "hind legs", that is to the legs.The initial position is thus the same as during the first exercise.Alterna
    tely raise kids right and left legs, and sipped it.
  3. At this stage gymnastics after sleeping in the older group continues to develop the assigned theme of the game.Now we will "look for my mother-cat."Kids will need to roll over on his tummy, lift your head and make head turns to the right, left, up and down.
  4. Then our "kittens" begin to show emotions.For a start they will have to "get angry": get on all fours, lift your head, bend the back arc.For greater immersion in the atmosphere of the game, you can head down to issue angry "fyr, fyr, fyr".
  5. Finally come for the "kittens" time to be gentle: the original position, as in exercise № 4. But now we are going to bend back the other way, to raise his head and wagging his "tail."

Such exercises after sleeping in the older group - an interesting, pleasant and, of course, useful.You can start slowly awakening: turn quietly relaxing music, and then in turn to "wake up" all parts of the body.Wherein the first will handle.You can clap your hands, rub them together.Kids perform movements as though don and remove rings, bracelets and watch, framed their locks.Next - "wake up" person.First, you need to stroke its different sites (nose, eyebrows, forehead, cheeks), and then pokorchit funny grimaces.Finally, the latest "wake up" legs.First, they can pat, pat them and then do the exercise "bike".

Gymnastics awakening in the older group should take place in a calm pace to ensure a smooth transition from sleep to wakefulness.Furthermore, it will help to teach children to ensure that all movements they have to perform consciously with the required muscular tension.

proposed complex charging is useful by the fact that the kids learn the skills of self-massage, which subsequently will be valuable to them.

That this could be an interesting gymnastics after sleep.The senior group of kindergarten, and junior high school students, as a rule, in admiration of fun exercises and have fun doing them!