The best professional cosmetics for face: reviews beauticians, reviewing manufacturers

All that man does will need to make at the appropriate level.Especially when it comes to yourself, beloved.Caring for the face, body, nails, hair should be at the highest level.But how not to get lost among the sea offers cosmetic companies?This article will help you to make a choice.Let us only cosmetic products for facial care, as well as creams for make-APA.

In general, the market in this area is divided into production of professional products and the mass market.The latter is represented in the stores in the form of countless beautiful boxes, bottles, tubes and vials.For eye-catching facade often hides ineffective remedy.In recent years, an increasing number of women are attracted professional cosmetics for the face.Reviews cosmetologists about it, as well as an overview of the major manufacturers will be the topic of our conversation today.

Myths about professional cosmetics

untrue rumors relate to, first of all, make-up.Allegedly, they are designed for the actors, who work in a merciless s

potlight.That is a good make-up rests on the skin, but in the end brings her irreparable harm.We wish you good news: long gone are the days when actors are superimposed on the face of zinc oxide.And it is hardly modern teledivy go on a self-sacrifice for the sake of the audience.In fact, professional cosmetics for face not only masks the flaws and emphasizes human dignity, but also takes care of skin.

make-up stylists do not need in a beautiful package - they are interested in the content.So sign of professional cosmetics is often nondescript design boxes and bottles.But the make-up perfectly keeps the whole day, it is not lubricated, not rolled into lumps, does not clog pores.And it is hypoallergenic, nourishes, moisturizes and protects from the sun and the effects of a big city, treats, after all.

What you need to know about professional cosmetics?

What does it as mass market products, can be different.Sometimes all the attention paid to the effect of rapid impact.Telediva after a sleepless glamorous parties should be fresh as washed by the rain rose.Here they are involved and instant lifting and miracle eye cream, smoothing bags under the lower eyelids.But in the short-term effect occurs "rollback", and the skin looks even worse than before the use of these funds.How should look the best professional cosmetics for the face?Firstly, it has to match your skin type.It would be better if the tool will recommend you a professional beautician.There is no need to experiment on himself, choosing the right cream by trial and error.But here you need to keep your eyes open: Many beauticians and stylists in cahoots with the manufacturers of cosmetics.Pay attention to the agent.It should not contain strong and fast-acting medication components.Not bad also deal with the review of independent experts in order to get an idea of ​​the brand and brand that can be trusted.

choose the best

To help you not to drown in a sea of ​​offers, we have compiled a ranking of professional cosmetics for face (how to care and decorative).It is based on such criteria:

  • efficiency of funds and long-term exposure;
  • confidence in the company, the manufacturer (or this type of cosmetics) from beauty salons;
  • no synthetic ingredients and allergens;
  • with the manufacturer of patented technology;
  • exclusivity any means (for example, water "Vichy" or clay from the Dead Sea);
  • high level of control over the quality of products;
  • laboratory studies and a scientific substantiation of the principle effects of the drug on the body;
  • and finally reviews the users themselves.

Professional cosmetics for skin not to be fantastically expensive.And not necessarily imported.Below we look at the products and Russian firms.The main thing that it was effective.With proper care, you look like a natural, youthful and beautiful.

Professional Russian Face

There are a few domestic brands, which experts praise.First of all, "Black Pearl", whose products are exported to neighboring countries.The company manufactures products for the mass market, and for in-depth facial.As a rule, it is complex for different skin types and ages.If we use the products of the "Black Pearl", then you need to buy everything - from lotion to scrub.

receives more praise "Neva Cosmetics."The company focuses on natural ingredients used.So, in the cream for oily skin "Apricot" contains oil from the seed of the fruit, extract of aloe and olive moisturizing complex "Gidroviton 24" and glycerol.There are "Neva" and anti-aging series - "Ginseng".

«Visage" - a Russian professional decorative cosmetics for the face.It should also be mentioned such domestic firms as "Alpika", "Geltek-Medica", JSC "Gittin 'and Mirra Professional.It should be said that some medical cosmetics Russian production not to be found in stores and in pharmacies.Thus, for example, ointment acne "retinoic" (produced at concentrations of 0.05 and 0.1%) is available for only 130 rubles there.

Professional French cosmetics for face

Popularity stylish jars of "Dior", "Yves Rocher", "L'Oreal», Bourjois, ROC Maybelline and no one thinks to challenge.And cosmetics?All these mascara, eyebrow gels, eye shadow, blush and powder?Of course, most of the French cosmetics can be called professional.After all, developers are using the results of laboratory studies major, advanced technology and quality (sometimes exclusive) components.The only drawback can be called a pack.French firms remain true to the aesthetic component, so release their creams in jars.But many of the components are oxidized in the air, and we bring back his fingers still a bunch of different bacteria.It is also to warn about the risk of buying counterfeit products.All of these brands can be found in the shops of the mass market.But there is a true professional French cosmetics for the face.This line of Centro Messegue, developed phytotherapeutist Jean Kleber, "Resultaym" from COLLIN, «Simon Mahler."

Japanese cosmetics

Women of Japan has long been the subject of envious conversations because of their unfading youth.Some see this as a merit of the genotype, but the secret lies in high-quality care products for face and body.Many people like the Japanese and decorative cosmetics.First of all, eye shadow, blush, mascara, cream matting.Against the backdrop of excellent funds allocated for home care is not cheap, but very effective professional cosmetics for the face.Brands that glorified Japan to the world, is "La Sintsere", "Yokota Lab." "Suhada", as well as production of a class "Lux" from "Paul" and "Shiseido".The main feature of cosmetic products are unique antioxidant complex.It can be said that Japanese creams are a series of "anti-aging".

criterion - quality at low cost

do not have to breaching the family budget professional cosmetics for the face.Reviews beauticians list among the successful manufacturers of very cheap brands.Here we have compiled a ranking of firms that manufacture products to thirty dollars.First of all, Source Naturals.This brand produces professional serums and creams with retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

Excellent product reviews Derma E. High marks set specialists and dermatologists brand Foxbrim with his set of anti-aging cosmetics.Hits of the season began lotion with aloe vera and vitamins, moisturizing cream with retinol and whey peptides securities.Brand Perfect Image has been created by professional chemists.Reviews salon beauticians praise peeling this brand.

Also worth mentioning firms like Puritan's Pride and EltaMD (solar series).Regularly ranked in the top of best professional cosmetics Neutrogena.The Reviva Labs products present peptides, collagen and a variety of useful acid.Won praise serum and moisturizing mask from OZ Naturals, gel and cream from Beauty Style.

Professional Makeup

Those who often have to paint the eyes and apply powder, know how important it is to choose the right means for a make-up.After all, poor quality ink flaking, and the bad eye shadows only emphasize facial wrinkles.But the make-up must not only be good to go, but also to treat the skin.This effect provides a professional decorative cosmetics for the face.Reviews beauticians output of five leaders of the quality powder legendary Jean Iredalya PurePressed, blush from the company NARS, matting tone cream "Style Cosmetics" shadow "Naykd" from Urbana Decaen and brightening primer on "Tarte".Also worth mentioning varnishes "Deborah Lipmann" and remove all traces of the shortcomings and lack of sleep, eye cream with hyaluronic acid from the "Terry".We can not ignore bronzer from NARS, with which the skin will have a natural and healthy tan.

emphasis on natural ingredients

lavished Nature gives us many useful for skin plant extracts, decoctions and extracts of which uses professional cosmetics.Facials will give tangible results if the tools that you use to include jojoba oil (softening, strengthening the epidermis), an extract of rose hips (vitamin C, an antioxidant), tea tree oil (antiseptic), horse chestnut (stimulates the formation of collagen)Shea butter (moisturizing), cane and p (narrowing of pores, elimination of greasy).But along with natural ingredients must be present and "chemistry."Anyhow plant extracts penetrate deep into the skin?Ethyl alcohol dissolves the ingredients.It is a reliable natural preservative.

Cosmetics premium

Above we listed the brand means to care for the person that belong to the lower and middle price segment.If you have extra money, why not treat yourself?Are you interested in an expensive professional cosmetics for the face?Premium brands - it Academie, Israeli "Adina" and "Anna Lotan", "Adonia Organics", the Spanish AlissiBronte, «Aroma Jazz," "Arcadia", the American company "Bio Creative Labs," "Derma Pro" and the CRC,Swiss "Binella" German "Charlotte Mintzen" Italian DIBI and "Dr. Laurann."The list is far from complete.Particular attention should be given to innovative developments of Israeli experts in using their inventions in the field of salt from the Dead Sea.

in using the

If lead unhealthy lifestyles, smoking, enough sleep, settle for a snack, it will not save you, even the most advanced and effective professional cosmetics for the face.Reviews cosmetologists say that only a comprehensive approach to skin care can have a positive and lasting results.Then your face and body will be perfect.