How to prepare for pregnancy: acting correctly

Of course, the appearance of the baby in the family - it is a great joy and great happiness.But in order to come to a rational conception and childbearing, and later his upbringing, parents need to be mentally prepared.After all, from the moment of conception, the pair needs to feel a hundred percent of the parents and to feel the responsibility that is already assigned to them.

If a family council it was decided to conceive a child, it's time is very important and interesting period in the life of couples.Women and men are not simple enough to understand that they are ready for such a serious step, you must know how to prepare for pregnancy.

First of all, we should pay attention to all addictions.From them will have to give up once and for all.This is not a secret for anybody that the use of alcohol and smoking negatively affects both the development of the fetus in the womb, and his health in the future.And get rid of this kind of bias have not only the expectant mother, and father.In order to co

nceive a healthy baby, a young dad should prepare your body by avoiding alcohol and cigarettes for the 3 months prior to conception.

It is best to check with your doctor, who can give expert advice on how to prepare the body for pregnancy.The specialist will appoint a woman the right diet to cleanse the body in advance.Many women reading opinions on forums on the Internet, try to keep new-fangled diets that claim to help conceive a child of a particular sex.At the moment, scientists have not proved the effect of such measures, and some products can do much harm, so do not take risks for the sake of illusory, it is ungrounded expectations.It is best to try to eat only a useful and natural foods.This coffee and strong tea is not recommended, but you can experiment with herbal and fruit teas.

about how to prepare for pregnancy, can tell a special literary publications in detail.Home purchase books audited the author and not the dubious obscure sentences.Of course, we can not exclude a complete examination of the body for the presence of any disease.Remember that during pregnancy, all the disease are activated and intensified, and treat them will be much more difficult, because many can harm the baby.Very important is the visit to the dental office, as the teeth during pregnancy can severely deteriorate, so they, too, should prepare.

Most couples do not even think about how a pregnant woman affect pets.Of course, your favorite pets are often an integral part of the family, but at the same time they can become carriers of many dangerous diseases, which can not withstand the weakened immune system of a pregnant.You must show your pet to the vet regularly, and you should not feed him meat and cheese.

Preparing for pregnancy - exercises.

the physical form of the future mom largely depends on how light will be birth.Therefore, the replacement should come addictions sport and active recreation.The main exercise for the mother should be the press, because of the abdominal muscles and the harmony of shapes depending upon race.

If the intention to become parents only grows stronger, but one of the partners is taking medication affecting the fetus and the body as a whole, not only the doctor can tell you how to prepare for pregnancy correctly, but also to replace treatment.As a rule, appointed by the equally effective but less toxic drugs.

Well, the last step in our list, tells you how to prepare for a pregnancy, is the rejection of contraception.When both partners are ready and mentally, and physically, you are ready for a pleasant process of conception.