Sage during pregnancy

sage has long been considered a cure almost all diseases.The whole range of activities, provide them with the body, so great that it is awarded with such epithets as "sacred herb", "the savior of lives."In ancient Egypt after the wars, epidemics and women encouraged to apply for food sage leaves for larger species.Even in times of plague this plant is the first rescue, restoring both the strength and health.

In the sixteenth century sage are so highly valued in China, for his English dry briquette its inhabitants were given to the British as much as two boxes of high quality tea.Salvia in Latin translates as "to be healthy", "facilitating treatment", "feel good."For centuries it was believed lekrstvennoe plant grass wise men.German healers oil of sage was used as a hemostatic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Homeland sage considered the Mediterranean countries, where it is often possible to collect the dry mountain slopes.The leaves are used in the flowering period, they contain: essential oil, thujone

, alkaloids, Salvia, bitter, tannic and resinous substances.oleanolic and ursolic acid and volatile, which actively affect the tubercle bacillus.

healers recommend taking salvia for deviations of the menstrual cycle, menopausal problems, in particular in the tides, this herb reduces painful menstruation.

numerous healing properties of sage - astringent, anti-inflammatory, smyagchitelnoe, hemostatic, and many others.This plant for centuries helped the woman to get pregnant, and it was equally useful for both men and women.What about pregnancy?As he works on this condition?Or maybe, sage during pregnancy is dangerous and harmful?

studying the indications for the reception of sage, its composition and therapeutic properties, you can simply gasp of surprise - how good it is!But a closer reading of the recommendations it turns out that a sage during pregnancy, you should not!It is very rare to find a different opinion on this matter, even though it exists.

And yet, unlike other medicinal plants, about which nothing can be said clearly, sage during pregnancy is a particular danger.This herb can cause strong uterine contractions that really threatens abortion.By influencing the hormonal women, sage raises estradiol levels, increases the pressure, breaks placental circulation.

There are cases when a woman in a "interesting" position, drinking tea, adding a sage leaves, and it does not affect her pregnancy.However, this is a big risk.Never it is impossible to know in advance how it would end.Sometimes women take an independent decision to be treated with herbs, thinking that if you use them will not, then certainly harm.And this is very misleading.Herbal medicine - it is the same medicine, but with other instruments.Summing up, we can only say one thing: if taken during pregnancy sage, then dosed very carefully.

However, the above does not mean that, having become pregnant, a woman should completely forget about the sage, though this herb is contraindicated during lactation sincegreatly reduces the production of milk.External application of this herb, even in a potentially risky period is not forbidden: they can gargle, if necessary, can be used when removing the swelling or prevention of varicose veins: twenty-minute warm bath of a decoction of sage is extremely helpful, and great fatigue.