Pregnancy: how to determine the origin of life

of new life has always been endowed with some mysterious, but at the same time and anxious anticipation.Pregnancy for any woman is a period of great changes, accompanied by a kaleidoscope of various emotions.Every future mom should understand that she is now responsible not only for himself but also for the tiny man who starts her career in her stomach.Knowing this, many are wondering how to determine that you're pregnant is to know about pregnancy, how to define it yourself, how to identify early pregnancy.Millions of responses received as a result, build a pretty clear picture.

Naturally, the first and perhaps the most important feature, suggestive thoughts about pregnancy is delayed menses.Noticing this, she must as soon as possible address to the gynecologist, who will be able to diagnose pregnancy, and how to determine the likely problems in the female body, which could lead to a delay.Health trifled with, so you should not hesitate.

Currently, there is a fairly reliable way to find out abou

t the pregnancy, how to identify it with the help of a special test.Purchase item can be active at any pharmacy, but the most important advantage is that all the manipulation can be performed at home at any time.Manufacturers that offer similar products, today a huge amount.How to choose the surest test for pregnancy, how to determine whether he is not lying, in the end, how to use it?Many of these issues can occur in estimated future mothers.The main thing you need to know is that the principle of all these devices is the same.No matter what the test looks like and how much it costs, the task of each of them is to detect the presence of a woman's body much hormone, which says a certain amount of pregnancy.For best results, we recommend the veracity inspect test no sooner than two weeks after the alleged conception.During this time, the amount of hormone in the blood increases, and it can be detected in urine.Coming into contact with special reagents that are in test, gives a hormone response, the result of which is the definition of pregnancy.In any case, to confirm these results need to see a specialist and undergo an examination.

guess pregnancy is possible and indirect evidence.Of course, every woman and her body is unique, and all sorts of symptoms may also occur due to a number of factors unrelated to the birth of a new life, but in most cases they still talk about the pregnancy.

an interesting position often think when morning sickness goes into the category daily.The so-called morning sickness haunts almost every woman awaiting the birth of the child, especially in the early stages.Sudden and unpredictable reaction to the surrounding odors, as well as a little strange addiction to culinary perversions of pregnant women in general have become the most famous folk ways, defining the imminent appearance of the baby.It is also fairly common symptom is frequent changes of mood.This behavior is explained by the fact that the body of the future mother is beginning to change and this is accompanied by changes in hormonal levels.One of the signs - and an increase in breast tenderness.Many women can write it off on the approach of menstruation, but if the pressure on the nipple of a fluid is released, it speaks of the pregnancy.Also in the early stages is increased urination, change the color of the nipple, often feel fatigue and irritability.The presence of such changes completely speaks about the need to resort to a gynecologist, who with the help of the survey confirm or refute pregnancy.