12 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to your body?

term of 12 weeks of pregnancy is a transition for each expectant mother.After all, this period means that the first term ended.At the same time, a pregnant woman becomes much easier, as the first wave of toxicity passes.There comes a time when you can completely surrender to the nascent maternal feelings.

What happens to the baby? 12 weeks of pregnancy are very important for your future baby.The fact is that at this stage comes to an end tab of all organs - in the future they will only grow.

fetal heart rate is reduced from 110 to 160 beats per minute, and it can be heard with a special instrument.

Your baby begin to appear new skills.Firstly, it starts to move actively, even though there is no coordination.Chest muscles begin to shrink, mimicking breathing movements.And the skin on the feet of the baby becomes sensitive.

baby at 12 weeks of pregnancy have a weight of about 8 - 14 grams and 9 cm height.At this point, begin to appear peristaltic movements of the intestine.First, it is represented

by single chaotic movements, but by the end of the first trimester, it is already possible to trace the full-wave reduction.Sometimes the baby swallows a small amount of amniotic fluid, thus training the digestive system.

Kidney unborn child is already fully produce urine, which is subsequently released into the amniotic fluid.The liver has already begun the process of developing and excretion of bile acids.

12 weeks of pregnancy mean that the skeleton of a baby is fully formed and is now beginning the process of formation of bone and cartilage replacement of it.Fingers limbs already fully formed and the child begins to move them.

development of the nervous system is active.At this point it begins to operate the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which in the future will control many important bodily functions.In addition, the end of the thymus maturation that takes direct part in the formation of white blood cells, so the blood of the fetus can already detect the white blood cells.

What happens to the body of a pregnant woman? At this stage, there is a decrease of the corpus luteum and the gradual loss of its functions.Production of the hormone progesterone assumes the entire placenta.This explains the disappearance of toxicity.The absence of nausea and weakness of the positive effect on the mental balance of women and provides an opportunity to enjoy the very future motherhood.

uterus increases greatly in size and rises into the abdominal cavity.In the expectant mother's blood volume increases, which may result in slightly higher blood pressure and increased heart rate.

abdomen at 12 weeks of pregnancy is not too great, especially if it is your first pregnancy.Therefore, special clothing for pregnant women is not necessary.But if this is not the first child you are carrying, it is likely already heavily rounded belly.Sometimes the stomach can appear dark line that stretches from the pubic bone to the navel.

In addition, a period of 12 weeks of pregnancy and is accompanied by a significant increase in breast - breasts begin to develop rapidly in preparation for birth and nursing.Sometimes it may be accompanied by itching.It is worth remembering that the correct hygiene chest, contrast showers and massages are important for normal breastfeeding.

12 weeks of pregnancy: recommendations. As a rule, during this period of the pregnant woman is sent to the first ultrasound.The doctor can examine the body of a child, to determine his height and weight, sometimes even the floor.By the way, based on the size of the fetus, it will be possible to speculate on the future by date of birth, however, it is rather approximate.