Developing pregnancy: Causes and Consequences

One of the terrible consequences of a failed pregnancy is developing pregnancy, it is also referred to as non-viable.This pregnancy involves the death of the fetus, which often occurs in the early stages, during the first trimester, but no obvious signs of this.That is, the miscarriage of any reason not occurred.

developing pregnancy: its causes.

Now experts can not accurately answer the question of why there was not developing pregnancy, it is difficult to specify the causes.There are many factors that affect the fetus during pregnancy.All of these can have a negative impact on the development or even cause death.Therefore, in this case, you need time to find missed abortion, since it can lead to serious health problems the woman.

developing pregnancy: causes infectious.

During pregnancy, the female body is undergoing significant hormonal changes that can be activated so the diseases that do not manifest themselves in a normal environment.Any virus infection or influence the development of the c

hild, and in some cases lead to the death of the embryo.For example, the outstanding representatives of dangerous infection to the fetus are rubella virus, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, as well as herpes.The infection can affect the fetus itself, acting through the amniotic fluid or disrupt the placenta, which will affect the development of the unborn baby.

developing pregnancy: immunologic and genetic causes.

There are times when a child is seen as the fruit of a foreign body in the body and produces antibodies against it, which lead to the death of the embryo.In most cases, this phenomenon is single and does not affect the next pregnancy.

to genetic causes of developing pregnancy include chromosomal and thrombotic disorders.The most common chromosome abnormality common in older women, as each year of life the impact of unfavorable environmental stronger.With increasing age of the female quality of natural selection, which leads her body is reduced, so the number of abnormal development of the embryo increases.Inhibits the development of the embryo may be thrombotic complications, ie, disorders of blood clotting in the organization, taking place at the genetic level.If abortions are repeated many times, we can talk about compensated translocation.It is rarely found in 2-10%.

developing pregnancy: hormonal reasons.

fetal death may occur as a result of disruption of the endocrine system, whereby the function of the corpus luteum is slowing.The system of female genital mutilation is a violation of circulation, so the blood circulation slows down the fruit itself, which inevitably leads to death.In most cases, such problems are women, which is present in the body more male hormones.

developing pregnancy: symptoms.

emergence of missed abortion in the early stages may not be accompanied by symptoms.Sometimes its presence indicates reddish discharge, sudden stop toxicity.A woman may feel sudden pain in the abdomen, chest and decrease the sensitivity level of the basal temperature.A symptom on late term may serve no wiggling toddler.

However, definitive diagnosis can only designate a specialist, so the detection of certain symptoms you should not harass a suspicion.It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor and to appoint an ultrasound.