Tsvetotip people: how to define your tsvetotip (table)

Everyone already born with a certain tsvetotip, and no matter how he tried to change - to repaint the hair, bring freckles, whiten your face or wear colored lenses - it anyway tsvetotip not change, it remains for life.How to determine tsvetotip man?Yellow, green, blue or red dress?Issues of interest to many, will be discussed in this article.

There are only four tsvetotipa: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.Everyone belongs to one of them.Mixed tsvetotip does not happen, so clearly identify their affiliation with one or another type is not difficult.Many people have studied tsvetotip.How to determine tsvetotip man?Today, we try to find an answer to this question.

rules and guidelines for determining its tsvetotipa

Here are some rules and guidelines.They define tsvetotip people will be simple and accessible to everyone.

  1. better than one to determine their tsvetotip, and ask someone to help.Evaluate yourself in the mirror is quite difficult, and evaluation can not be objective.There is a good
    chance to mix a color that does to a person with color, just like that.
  2. Identify tsvetotip best in daylight daylight.Evening light can distort colors.
  3. Before the test be sure to remove all makeup.Have any makeup will not give objective results.
  4. If your hair is colored, then they need to hide, wearing white or neutral light scarf or bandage.Hair unnatural colors will also become an obstacle for an objective result.
  5. Once all of the above into account, it is necessary to stand before a mirror and a tray-to-face scarves, scarves or just pieces of fabric colors: peach or salmon, saturated orange, bright pink and gray-pink.

raised to face turns a particular color, you need to carefully study his face.Now the main thing to correctly identify what color refreshes and revitalizes the face with which the eyes begin to play, blemishes become less visible.There are different tsvetotip people.How to determine your using these colors?Very simple.If peach is best approached - then your tsvetotip Spring, Orange - autumn, gray-pink - Summer and hot pink - Winter.

That's easy to determine tsvetotip people.How to identify other ways?Is there such a possibility?Yes, it is not the only method, a lot of them.And some will be discussed further.

tsvetotip tone leather

How to tsvetotip people skin tone?Learn the answer to this question can be read this table.The table shows the specific color tsvetotipu.

How to tsvetotip people skin tone
name tsvetotipa skin
Winter typical bluish-olive zemlyanisto, pinkish.
Contrast White and beige, alabaster, porcelain.
bright pink with a blush, beige.
Light ash brown, china.
Spring typical peach-porcelain, ivory, there are freckles.
Contrast light golden, apricot blush shade porcelain.
bright peach, beige or ivory.
Light ivory with golden freckles, light peach shade.
Summer typical ivory with golden freckles, peach.
contrast Ivory.
Bright Ivory, pink, light olive color.
Bright Light, porcelain, there is a pink blush, pink-beige, light gray-brown freckles.
Autumn typical yellow beige, peach.
Contrast Pink-beige shade ivory color with peach blush.
bright peach, warm beige and chestnut.
Settle Ivory, light beige with peach blush.

Description tsvetotipa

Winter Winter - very bright type of appearance.Dark hair with contrasting porcelain skin - it's all about the woman-winter.It is always visible in the crowd.For women with tsvetotip Winter need not even apply makeup, it is in any case will be allocated.Dark eyes, black eyelashes, full of luscious lips, sometimes with a cold bluish tint.People tsvetotipa winter peculiar beautiful tan or predisposition.

tsvetotip Winter can be divided into 2 groups:

  • contrast (ie Snow White);
  • contrast-Winter.

Winter Contrast:

  • almost snow-white skin has a porcelain shade;
  • dark brown or black hair.

-contrast Winter:

  • dark skin with olive or bronze hue;
  • hair dark brown or black shade.

Description tsvetotipa

Summer Summer - too cold gamma, but not contrast.The most common type of appearance.


  • leather with light pink, light gray or gray-beige shade;
  • hair ashen shade, brown, usually light brown;
  • eyes - gray-blue or gray-green color, the variant of dark brown, but rarely;
  • pale lips with a pink tinge;
  • skin responds well to sunburn.

Description tsvetotipa

Autumn Autumn - very interesting, "juicy" type of people, they are literally "chameleon".Girls Fall tsvetotipa easily can radically change their style.Autumn - the most versatile tsvetotip.

main features:

  • skin with a golden hue has a large blush on the cheeks;
  • golden hair, red color or a different color with a red tint;
  • eyes with a warm shade;
  • skin responds poorly to sunburn.

Description tsvetotipa

Spring Spring - the lightest tsvetotip.

People tsvetotipa Spring can be characterized as:

  • thin, almost translucent skin has a slight blush;
  • hair with a warm tone, it might be wheat, honey, golden or light brown;
  • Blond: light brown, light gray, light green or light blue;
  • eyebrows and eyelashes to match her hair - too bright;
  • lips with a warm shade - apricot or peach with a yellow tint;
  • skin responds poorly to sunburn rather may simply blush.

Comparative characteristics tsvetotip table

How to tsvetotip man?The table will help to distinguish between tsvetotip.The following table is a comparison of specific criteria:

Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Hair Black, bluish-black, dark-gray, dark brown, can platinum blond. light brown, light-gray, light brown with a golden or reddish tinge, straw.There may be reddish, yellow or honey notes. blond or brown, but there is always a cool ash shade. exceptionally warm shades.Often, all shades of red: carrot-red, red-gold, copper.
skin Milk or porcelain flowers, sometimes can be olive or reddish brown.Whatever the color - is necessarily present transparent bluish tint. Very gentle, bright, velvety, almost translucent, ivory or warm milk.A light natural peach blush. milky-pink or white with a slight blush, almost transparent with a cold bluish tint.The variant walnut or olive tide. sure to warm colors.This can be a honey-gold, bronze or transparent color.The variant of champagne color.Sometimes it may be peach or light beige.
Bright Eyes shining.It does not matter what color - gray, green, blue or black - the main point is, they contrast with the snow-white proteins. blue, light green, turquoise, gray or hazel.Often there are inclusions of other colors - blue-gray, gray-green, amber walnut. gray, blue-gray, gray-green, blue, light hazel color with matte proteins and dark brown outline of the iris. gray, steel, sky blue, olive, green, amber or dark brown color.That is, different variants are possible - in the eye color in this tsvetotip emphasis should not do.
Suitable Cold colors: white, black, purple, turquoise, blue, all shades of gray, blue, pink and purple, cool purple, emerald green, blue, silver, steel, metallic. Light: peach, apricot, salmon, champagne, sunny yellow, golden brown, yellow-orange, apple and yellow-green, pink, the color of milk chocolate and caramel, coral, tomato, terracotta. Cool subtle shades: sky blue, purple, turquoise, blue, purple, crimson, lemon yellow, crimson red, ripe cherries, pink, brown and pink, bright plum. warm colors: brown, golden, red, mustard, orange, brick, sand, terracotta, plum, olive.
Unsuitable shades of pastel shades and muted colors such as brown, warm yellowish.Also, the color of milk chocolate and baked milk, yellow-green, brick, smoky gray. pure white, black, dark blue, purple, pink, gray, cherry, raspberry, burgundy, dark green cocoa, indigo. White, red, black, orange, brick, green-yellow, apricot, indigo, milk chocolate, fuchsia. Blue, blue, black, white, bright orange, blue, purple, pastel tones of the summer.
Jewellery and Accessories All bright and glittering diamonds, crystal, rhinestone, platinum, silver, gold, black and red stones. graceful, refined: turquoise, yellow pearl, topaz, red and yellow gold, amber and sapphire. discreet decoration: matt silver or white gold, blue aquamarine, diamonds, pearl gray and pink, blue or milky opal. Decoration from natural materials - feathers, leather, ivory, wood, amber.
Makeup select bright colors, but we put them a little.The main thing - the game tones.The color palette - pink combined with beige or gray white, blue, indigo, violet, emerald green. Emphasis must be placed on natural delicate colors -persik, milk, herb, hazelnuts, nougat, aquamarine. cold milk or smoky tones: silver, aubergine, purple, violet, brown with a gray tint. Natural colors: gold, terracotta, brown, aubergine, olive.

Celebrities tsvetotipa Winter

Determination tsvetotipa person is very important and among celebrities.

pronounced tsvetotip Winter at such well-known people: Anna Kovalchuk, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Liv Tyler, Oxana Fedorova, Penelope Cruz, Monica Bellucci Megan Fox, Keira Knightley.

Celebrities tsvetotipa Spring

In appearance tsvetotipa Spring boasts such celebrities: Princess Diana, Anna Kournikova, Claudia Schiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Cattrall, Britney Spears.

Celebrities tsvetotipa Summer

"Summer" looks have such people: Alina Kabaeva, Natalia Vodianova, Laetitia Casta, Mischa Barton, Liz Hurley, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Milla Jovovich, Uma Thurman.

Celebrities tsvetotipa Autumn

pronounced tsvetotip Fall of such famous people: Julia Savicheva, Julia Roberts, Amalia Gol'danskii, Jullian Moore, Anna Bol'shova, Marcia Cross, Lindsay Lohan.

Such different and interesting tsvetotip people.How to define (photos of celebrities - to help), we are with you now know.Good luck to all in determining their tsvetotipa!