Makeup in the style of Nude: Step by Step

Every day the fairer sex tend to look more beautiful and attractive.Women regularly use decorative cosmetics and care, visit stylists and hairdressers.Only the lady can be known that it is hard work.There just are there any ways to apply makeup to the face!Each woman chooses a particular style, building on what her plans for the day.The focus of this article will be in the style of makeup Nude.Make it can be at home or refer to specialists.Let's try to figure out how to create a make-up in the style of Nude.Step by step instruction will be described below.

First step: cleansing

Like any makeup, makeup style Nude should be applied only on a clean face.Otherwise, you just get ugly and unnatural appearance.

If you have left more than two hours, you can use a gentle scrub or exfoliation.It is not necessary before applying the makeup to make a deep cleansing facial, using coarse abrasives and chemical and acid peels.All this can lead to excessive redness, which did not allow makeup style Nude.

If you do not have time for a thorough cleaning, simply wash the skin with suitable means.Then blot with a clean cloth and wipe the tonic lotion.

second stage: moisturizing the dermis

After cleansing it is necessary to moisten the surface of the face.It should be noted that this also applies to other types of makeup.Choose only your right (proven) tool.Do not use new creams and gels.They can give an unexpected reaction.Experiments better to postpone.

Nude Makeup in the style involves the use of nourishing and moisturizing substances.This can be a cream or a gel.It all depends on what your skin type.Elderly women may prefer serum.It will cope with the task and will not leave a film on the skin.After applying the tools you need to wait between five and twenty minutes, until absorbed composition.

third stage: basic coverage

Do not confuse a foundation to foundation.The base can be completely shaded by or matting.In the latter case, you must use a tool only on problem areas: the forehead, chin and nose.

Apply basic means necessary to thin, carefully shading it.Remember that it is better to use a special sponge.Do not rub the applied composition hands.This can not only damage your skin, but also to create the effect of the bands.

Fourth stage: correction of deficiencies

Inspect your face and evaluate its condition.You should not turn a blind eye to minor flaws.Nude makeup style for a wedding or any other celebration involves the creation of an ideal skin tone.You need to get rid of all the shortcomings.

If you find a red pimples, rosacea or inflammation, the shade of green corrector.The combination of colors will help make flaws completely invisible.Dark circles under the eyes is "cover up" pinkish-orange tone.At the same time it is necessary to put a dot, driving into the skin with fingertips.Pronounced nasolabial folds can be set off with beige or white correction fluid.However, it is worth remembering that the means applied in a thin layer.

Fifth stage: drawing pitch

In today's world, stylists and makeup artists are increasingly trying to move away from the heavy foundation, which only old face.Now replace these assistants come fluids, water-based cream, reflective substance.Choose shades of satin.Forget matte color.

Makeup Nude style home is created as follows.Apply a dot on the skin tone.To do this, use the following areas: the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and the area above the upper lip.Then you need to carefully shade texture using a sponge.

Sixth step: powder

Do powder?Nude makeup style (technique) involves the use of only correcting compact substance.Apply it should be only when really there is a need to hide the flaws.If your face looks after all the manipulations Ideally, you should give up the powder at all.Otherwise, you can get ugly and unnatural skin tone.

refuse the use of powder is for women who have problem skin.Also, avoid bright colors is burning brunette and the fairer sex with dark skin.

seventh stage: blush

Do you need in a style blush?Many women believe that this must be used exclusively in cosmetics to create a bright image.They think that categorically rejects blush makeup style Nude.Eric Indica (the famous makeup artist) said that the item should never be missed.Blush should always be.However, the natural way need to carefully choose the shade.

Prefer pinkish tones without adding pearlescent.If you have dark hair, you can use a little brownish color.Remember that you need to apply blush only lush brush lightly.Try not to overdo it.

eighth stage: eye

Since your goal is to create a natural way, the shade is not worth using.If the make-up day, the blondes should give preference to brown.Brunettes can use the same familiar to them coal color.

Apply mascara to cilia in two layers.Pay special attention to the outer corner of the eye.Do not use eyeliner pencil or decorative.If you want to place accents, make a few points on the upper area of ​​the inner eyelid.

eyebrows also need to highlight.If they are of the nature of your bright, you can skip this step.Blonde girls not use graphite or brown pencil for this purpose.Embellish the area above the eyes very carefully.Do not create a mask effect.Be sure to comb the hair of eyebrows after their release.

ninth stage:

lips makeup style Nude (photo models you can see in the article) does away with the bright lipsticks and glosses.To highlight the lips, you can use a matte cream-colored or usual tonal basis.Apply the product on the skin and wait a few minutes.Then blot with a dry cloth and lightly powder the.

Remember that you must have on your face make-up, which combined with the lack of makeup.

Summary and Conclusion

Makeup Nude style is one of the most difficult and time-consuming to create.Here is an impossible task.We need to create the perfect skin tone, using a minimum of makeup.At first glance it may seem that your face does not have the decorative means.If you can achieve this effect, the image is created correctly.

Makeup Nude style is an excellent option for young ladies and older women.It is suitable for celebrations and meetings for the modest.In this way, you can go shopping, for a walk with children or in a gym.Everywhere you will look attractive and natural as possible.

This image suggests a perfect skin.That is why try to take care of the dermis not only before applying cosmetics.There is a group of women who when creating this image does may opt out of tonal resources and proofreaders.However, the need to sensibly evaluate their appearance and not turn a blind eye to the shortcomings.Makeup Nude style is becoming more popular every day.If you are not confident in their abilities, try to work out the control applying cosmetics.I wish you success!