Korean cosmetics: reviews cosmetologists.

Youth and beauty of oriental women have always been the envy.Take, for Korean women, who at 25, 35 and 55 manages to look incredibly fresh.The fact is that in Korea, do not forget about the centuries-old traditions.The people of this wonderful country, despite the active development of the technology, prefer natural products without artificial additives.

particularly proud of is the culture of care.The magic of nature - the first association that arises when we hear the phrase "Korean cosmetics."Reviews cosmetologists and discussions show the high quality and meet the expectations.Let's see what has deserved such attention Korean cosmetics.

Information for beginners

Asian cosmetics, reviews of which have been actively to appear only a few years ago, gained popularity among Russians.Maybe we just tired of the pressure of European and American brands that attack us daily advertisements in magazines and TV.

The fair sex - changeable nature, we always want to try something new.However, to find in

retail stores of cosmetics and perfumery products from Korean manufacturers is virtually impossible.In the Russian market it is presented only in its web.

review and discussion of the Asian cosmetics help you choose the reliable sellers.Of course, it will take some time, but it's worth it for several reasons.

1. The special approach.Unfortunately, many manufacturers from Europe and America share a clear color cosmetics and care products.Conventional powder is likely to be rid of the greasy and only, foundation can not protect, for example, by exposure to UV light.

Koreans believe that the share to care and decorative cosmetics can not.All products are based on medicinal ingredients: extracts, extracts, essences and oils.

2. Advanced design and tradition.For many years, Korea - leader in advanced scientific technologies, many of which are used, including, and in the manufacture of beauty-products.Unique methods of selection and deep extraction and synthesis of molecular properties allow you to save valuable natural ingredients.Luxury cosmetics leading Korean brands are no longer tested on animals.

In addition, Koreans cherish the secrets of youth and beauty.The centuries-old recipes in combination with the advanced developments provide a truly unique result.

3. Safety, Efficiency and Quality - three definitions that characterize Korean cosmetics.Another important argument "for" is the price.Manufacturer little to spend money on advertising, and therefore do not affect the cost.Afford beauty-trends are women and girls, even with a small income.

daily beauty rituals

Care Koreans pay a lot of time and effort.It's a ritual using a variety of tools that, if steps should follow one after the other.Only under the sequence in full force will start working Korean cosmetics.Reviews cosmetologists are advised to study carefully all the tools and the rules for their application - this we now turn.

Morning care will take time:

- The first step is to clean the skin.To do this, fit foam, a special cream soap or toothpaste.After washing it is best to wet the face with a paper towel.

- Next apply a tonic.Asian cosmetics (Korean cosmetics) is significantly different from what we are accustomed to.In this case, it serves as a tonic for skin hydration, has a completely different texture and applied without cotton pad.

skin moisture after use foam sharply reduced, so no extra care, you risk it just dry.Tonic (also called booster, skin water, starter, skin balancer, toner) softens and normalizes the water balance of the skin and improves its permeability cream.Apply on the face with light patting movements immediately after washing.

- In the next step we have concentrated funds - vials of serum and essences narrow focus.For example, anti-wrinkle, whitening age spots or cell recovery.They are used only on problem areas.

- Now is the time for the day cream.Korean cosmetics, reviews of which are well represented on the web, offering a huge choice of means, depending on skin type and time of year.

summer beauticians are advised to use a lighter texture - gels, lotions or emulsions.The same beauty-products are most suitable for oily skin and for dry preferable nourishing cream.

- At the last stage Koreans doing makeup using a primer (the base), the BB cream or tonal framework, as well as to consolidate the results of powder.Often, these tools also protect the skin from UV rays.

evening ritual

Our skin in a metropolis is subject to strong stress, so it is necessary to wash off makeup properly:

- best makeup remover is a hydrophilic oil.Apply a small amount to the skin and massage, then add a little water and massage your face again, and then wash with water.

- Next you need to permanently remove from skin residues of cosmetics and oil by cleaning foam.

- The third step is toning and additional care, depending on skin type.

- And in the end it can be several times a week, apply the mask at night.These funds, according to buyers, are more suitable for those who like to stay awake at night.

Many Russians are well aware of what quality cosmetics Asia.Truthful reviews talk about noticeable results from the first application.Indeed, the smooth skin, a healthy complexion and radiance can not please us.However, there are negative assessments.

reasons of failures

Summing up all the bad ratings and reviews of Korean cosmetics, there are two main reasons.

  1. misuse.As we have said, the use of some tools with familiar names we require a more careful approach.If you apply toner to a cotton pad and wipe them become the person the feeling will not be the most pleasant.Another example - a hydrophilic oil.This is the only tool that is suitable for any skin.Even the old rule about absence of oil in the care of oily skin in this case is not working."Side effect" of the hydrophilic oil is the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.In addition, this tool is indispensable when removing the BB cream.
  2. fake.Inflammation and flaking can be caused not only misuse.This response indicates low quality product.About the ability of Chinese artists we have heard for a long time, and another object to create illegal copies became Korean cosmetics."Mizon", "Tony Molly", "Skin Food" - the most popular brands in this regard.The famous portal "Aliekspress" you will find hundreds of offers at very low prices, but some of them will not bring harm to your health?

Fashion for snails

about five years in Korea started a real snail boom.Through the development of European scientists have discovered the secret of the unique properties of these slow-moving creatures - rejuvenation and regeneration, as well as the fight against acne.

Then the main theme was "Korean cosmetics -" what, where and how ", and thousands of girls and women dreaming to buy a couple of vials magic cream.Demand was so high that we had to reserve funds for two or three months.Fortunately, over time, almost all Korean brands have released their collection incorporating scroll.

So, what is the feature of this cosmetics?Snail slime - an ancient ingredient in cosmetics.According to sources, Hippocrates for cures irritation of the skin to apply ointment on the basis of milk and snail slime.

process of obtaining a special secret for snails not bear danger.Do not worry - no creature will suffer for the sake of your beauty.

Cosmetics "snail" Korean

Reviews of cosmetics with snail mucus tells the amazing results. Most are satisfied with the action means the fair sex over 30 years old - roughly the age is gradually beginning to fight wrinkles.

Let's look atthat are capable products with snail slime. This is:

  1. wound healing and inflammation.
  2. Treatment of scars, stretch marks and scars.
  3. regeneration of cells.

As we have noted, today almost all the leading manufacturers of Korea developed the "incorporating scroll" cosmeticline. The main difference between these funds is a concentration of snail secretions - the higher the percentage of the magic ingredient, the better will be its effect on the skin. Therefore, the relatively low price of cream with extract concentration of 90% should be immediately alerted.

"snail" cosmetics №1

Tony Moly - quality Korean cosmetics.Reviews beauticians prefer snail line means that diversity considerably surpasses competitors' products.Facial wash, facial creams and hand, cloth masks and other unique design series Intense Repair Live Snail can work wonders.

secret of snail contains a wealth of unique components:

- chitosan retains moisture;

- allantoin promotes tissue regeneration, gives smoothness and elasticity of the skin;

- collagen and elastin, oxygenates the skin and prevent the evaporation of moisture;

- vitamin B12 works to eliminate the effects of UV exposure, soothes the skin and neutralizes allergic reactions;

- Vitamin A stimulates collagen synthesis and strengthens the anti-aging effects, and helps to fight acne;

- glycolic acid improves penetration of nutrients and cleanses sebaceous ducts.

Furthermore, among the ingredients of "snail" series Tony Moly stated: extracts of lime, Alpine edelweiss, pepper tree, Centella asiatica and Pulsatilla Korean, shea butter, bergamot, rose, macadamia and eucalyptus.

Porcelain dolls

several years now at the peak of popularity is BB-cream.It is a wonderful tool to be in each purse.Protection from inflammation, regeneration and hydration - it is difficult to imagine that all this can provide a cream.

BB Blemish Balm or translated as "masking healing."The facility was created by the German cosmetics for those who have had plastic surgery.The cream is so stunning result showed that the idea was picked up by other manufacturers, including those from Korea.

Portals IRecommend or Otzovik, where ordinary women customers share opinions and personal experiences, there are even separate sections: "Korean cosmetics, reviews," "BB cream, comments".Here you can learn about the most popular brands and get advice on choosing BB-cream.

I wonder what shade of cream is not as important as powder or tonal framework.Quality BB-cream blends with the skin, even reliably masks significant shortcomings (redness, bumps, acne), and emphasizes the natural beauty.

feature Korean BB-creams

Korean cosmetics, reviews of which we take into account, focused primarily on Asian beauties.In this part of the world has its own standards of beauty, often coinciding with the European.

For Koreans the ideal of beauty - a porcelain face.Perfectly smooth, supple and healthy skin, has a special glow - the ultimate dream of every girl and woman.Matte leather, for which we are seeking, on the other hand, is associated with fatigue and fading.

Almost all BB-cream from Korean manufacturers assume the appearance of special glow to the skin.However, after a few hours, this effect can become a hated shine, especially the T-zone.

Unfortunately, prevent the appearance of oily shine is virtually impossible, and no one remedy will not guarantee you a matte skin throughout the day.But the output is still there - use wipes matting.

Peeling roll from overcoat

Face Cleansing is one of the most important steps to healthy skin.Some of the fair sex too hard and do not represent all possible care without peeling or scrub.Most often, these products contain particles that injure the skin and cause flaking.To cope with the problem of improper use of such funds in the short term can not even Korean cosmetics.Reviews beauticians recommend more delicate option - peeling bedroll.

Peeling roll from overcoat for several years is incredibly popular due to the huge number of functional features.It performs:

- removing dead skin cells;

- effective cleaning;

- narrowing of pores;

- improve complexion and skin condition in general.

This unique tool is suitable for all skin types, especially appreciated the novelty holders of combination and oily skin.As with all cosmetics, peeling bedroll is gently applied in the presence of inflammation and redness on the face.

In most cases, it is difficult to understand the principles and methods that offers Korean cosmetics.Reviews of girls have tried peeling bedroll, there are also negative.The main reason for such grief - misapplication.

We used to use the scrub in the shower and think that there is no fundamental difference.In contrast, the peeling roll from overcoat works only on dry skin.We specify how to use this popular new items:

  1. On dry clean skin and apply a small amount of bedroll light patting movements.
  2. pauses in a few minutes.
  3. starts massaging the face with dry fingertips.The gel was converted into pellets, which are carefully removed dirt and dead cells.
  4. At the end of warm water washes away.

special commendation was awarded peeling roll from overcoat Skin & amp; lab dr.Vita Clinic Gently Vita Exfoliantor.In the gel with a delicate scent of grapefruit has small granules.When applied, they burst and mixed with the bulk.In the process of rolling particles do not fall off the face and almost stick to your fingers.

Difficulties choice

As we have said, to buy cosmetics from Korea in retail stores is virtually impossible.A resident of the major Russian cities will not be difficult to make a bargain, which will deliver to your home or office.

Yamibox - a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the Asian beauticians.In each box you will find:

- one or two mini-version of the cosmetic product;

- two or three full-size vehicles;

- from three to six probes.

lipsticks, BB-cream, peeling socks and other novelties Korean brands, you can try for a relatively small price - so you can choose the most suitable product for yourself.

In the online store Minto Korean cosmetics available for Ukrainian girls and women.The catalog contains the most famous brands: Mizon, Missha, Secret Key, Holika Holika and Skin Food.

decide on future purchasing beauty-beginners to experts will help your ratings.Korean cosmetics, like a breath of fresh air, can give a healthy complexion, glow and get rid of minor flaws.In addition, Asian manufacturers have one distinct advantage - only natural ingredients that when used correctly will not harm even the most sensitive skin.