Lipstick "Matte color" ("Avon"): reviews shoppers

With the arrival of spring, and then with the onset of summer, every woman wants to emphasize their individuality with new and fresh colors used in makeup.The emphasis on individuality with a minimum of application - this is the task that executes Lipstick "Matte color" ("Avon").Reviews women tried means we let today's publication.

10 disturbing consciousness shades

Released the world famous cosmetics firm line matte lipstick is designed to achieve two objectives.First of all, every woman can find the colors of the 10 submitted their favorite, suitable as a business day or a bright evening options.It is worth noting that the lipstick 'Matte colors' (responses underscore this statement), despite the brightness of certain colors on the lips lies quite delicately.That is why many women suffer particularly vivid shades on your daily way, thereby emphasizing the audacity of some nature.

second task that was released before the line of decorative cosmetics - makeup is to maintain stable for a few hours

.Of course, lipstick "Matte color" ("Avon") - reviews show that's about it - is not able to "survive" a complete meal, but a couple of cups of tea or coffee caused even tone on the lips of the owner will take quite.

Why matte lipsticks so popular with women?

What is the secret of such lines, and why many ladies eager to test on their own lips, all of the colors represented in the collection?The secret of such cosmetics - a rich pigmentation in which one is carried out by applying a clear smooth coating.Modern beauty is not willing to spend the extra minute on the application and thorough rastushevyvanie podvodok coated layer.They also want to be sure that after 2 hours cosmetics not be spread on the corners of the mouth and will not form a sticky white stripes on the lips.It is lipstick "Matte color."Reviews of buyers reflects full confidence in the chosen means of decorative cosmetics.Women also say they do not go home without anything, at first glance, is not remarkable black stick, which is packed with lipstick.

Packaging means

According to the classics, all brilliant - just.Without elaborate design of the tube, like a lipstick presented collection shows its self-sufficiency.It is the self-sufficiency of a harmonious content and put emphasis releasing presented collection, the company "Avon".Lipstick "Matte color" dressed in the usual black packaging, which is applied in the middle of the strip, which imitates the metallic coating.This piece has a slight drawback - it is prone to rapid abrasion of the fingers touch.However, women did not this a little annoying, because each of them decided for myself that it is more important than content.

Ā«Avon": Lipstick "Matte color."Reviews, useful information for consumers

Many women, before you purchase a particular vehicle, pay attention to the weight of the product, because it is necessary to calculate how long a missing one tube.We would like to reassure all those interested in this issue and assure that even with repeated daily use of a tube of lipstick will last for more than a month.Weight decorative products - 3.6 grams.Country of origin provided line - Poland, which again is a definite plus in the eyes of domestic potrebitelnits.The fact is that even in the middle of the last century, our grandmothers and mothers gladly enjoyed the Polish decorative cosmetics, which has become synonymous with quality for them.


With the arrival on the market the more expensive French cosmetics fans of the Polish steel producer, no less due to the notorious price-quality ratio.This criterion is met and Lipstick "Matte color" ("Avon").Reviews potrebitelnits emphasize the undoubted quality in the selected price category.In other words, among the available products of color cosmetics introduced products is a leader in sales and demand from the population.Due to affordability, many women tend to buy almost all the 10 shades presented in the lineup, and thus for a long time to replenish its arsenal of cosmetics.

Comparable whether the picture in the catalog with the actual shade?

actually flash the camera and the pictures featured in the printed catalog, somewhat distorted perception of colors.And if in the pages of the catalog you can see the brilliant notes of rich color, in reality there is no such brilliant notes of.And the reality is that it is behind frosted queue of current as well as future, shoppers Avon."Matte color" bright lipstick, but causing no shades, with a distinctive and pleasant fruit and berry aroma - that's what a woman needs.That is why so many loved and honored probes production, because only they are able to provide a complete picture and color, and applying makeup.

Who does not fit such products?

lover of haze on the lips in one application often does not suffer from over-dried skin.But women who are painfully react to the lack of moisture when applying makeup, obviously not appreciate the submitted line.But it is the individual characteristics of the body and skin.

Impressions buyers

So, those who are very much wanted to get in their makeup line represented by "Avon", he had already done it.An important factor in choosing a means of decorative cosmetics are reviews and impressions of those who have already enjoyed the above products.And we listen to the advice and recommendations of the first buyers.Those beauties that comparisons acquired all 10 probes claim that not all the colors match the quality of their application and durability.Thus, the most positive characteristics have earned potrebitelnits shades "Bright Fuchsia", "Delicate Purple" and "Honey melon."

Many women noted that not all went perfectly with the tone of the first application, so they had to put them on the lips again.However, this statement does not apply to the above shades.That's positive qualities, which was marked by presentation of the product:

  • bold, interesting shades are designed in the favorite schemes the bulk of women.
  • Ideal and virtually trouble-free application without weighting and sticky lips.
  • Lipstick has a pleasant smell and leaves a characteristic taste.
  • Resistance decorative means, at least half a day.Over time, the tone is not pale, but on the contrary, manifested a matte finish.

also found the only drawback, which is endowed with lipstick "Matte color" ("Avon").Reviews point to excessive dryness in the use of cosmetics provided.It is the fact that the agent may desiccate the skin of the lips, and stops some beauties from the purchase of a complete series.