Mascara "Supershok" ("Avon"): customer reviews

Everyone knows that a woman can look like a man to conquer and make him laugh.Thin, brittle, like a dead spider legs cilia are pathetic.The person with a thick layer of "plaster" on the eyes, crumbling or leave greasy marks on the upper eyelid, as the tide does not cause sympathy of the opposite sex.That is why it is so important to choose high-quality ink.Especially if we want to do make-up emphasis on the eyes.In this article, we fully consider two products: ink "Supershok Max Mascara Avon" and its source code - the usual "Supershok."We analyzed how the review of the manufacturer, as well as numerous reviews potrebitelnits."Avon" - firm which distributes its products through catalogs.And it may deter women who are used to buy cosmetics in stores.But such an original way to make sales - through agents with catalogs - does not mean that the products are of poor quality.Millions of women around the world are hygienic and decorative cosmetics from Avon Company and are satisfied.

that said carcass "Super
shok" the manufacturer

We begin with an overview of the original product.Mascara "Supershok" ("Avon"), reviews of which the majority are positive, was designed to give the lashes an impressive amount."Excellent view" - that's what the manufacturer promises.In the manufacture of mascara used a special formula.Unique micro cilia give the shocking volume, which gave the name to the product.As promised manufacturer, ink does not flow well envelops each hair.This tool is not an allergen.Excellent washed off the usual makeup remover.Brush in the mascara synthetic.She paints over well-hairs, separates them, as well as tips and little curls.At the heart of the carcass - natural resin shellac.Carnauba, beeswax, white wax, paraffin, dimethicone provide water resistance, elasticity of the product, as well as prevent the occurrence of lumps.Mascara is available in four colors.Produced in Poland.

Mascara "Supershok" ("Avon"): user reviews

overall impression of the product as a whole is positive.The tool is easy to apply.Moreover, it is possible to achieve both the effect of natural lashes (just slightly longer than those who gave mom and dad), and stage makeup.It depends on how many times you walk on the brush hairs.One wag - and ready daily, discreet makeup.Two - the cilia will not only longer, but also bulkier.Three - expressive eyes, a truly shocking.When you reach the re-staining effect of false eyelashes.Ink washed off easily - even with warm water and soap.The brush separates the lashes well.Describing mascara "Supershok" ("Avon"), and reviews point out a very reasonable price (180-220 rubles), and a large tube of 10 ml.The facility pleasant smell.During the day it does not crumble.Wearer pleasantly surprised that there is a large variety of colors.Many blondes were finally able to choose a more suitable ink them, while other firms only offer anthracite black.

Specificity "Supershoka" from Avon

Members of this cosmetics noted some peculiar aspects of the carcass.The first of these - the product too quickly ends.This sin of many funds from Avon.Dried ink "Supershok" ("Avon") reviews recommend to plant a small amount of water, but the effect of "supershoka" then do not wait.Better still buy a new package.Especially since the price is it allows you to do.The discussion among users and cause brush.It is too wide, it is necessary to adapt himself.For the first time the wearer hardly stained and soiled the corners of the eye lid.Young girls with oily skin to leave feedback about what the end of the day leaves ink prints, and even a gray pleated.Yes, funds are mainly water-resistant, but the bath walk or crying bitterly with him still not recommended.

Super Shock Max

Volume Mascara "Supershok" ("Avon"), reviews of which we have already discussed, was the basis for the development of more innovative modifications.Both products for eye makeup is very similar (both properties, and price).But there are also differences.If you want to be more expressive look, maximum volume and the effect of false eyelashes, you should buy ink "Supershok Max."Photos poster advertising does not lie: really means increases hairs fifteen times!The secret of this effect - a more refined texture.The facility "Supershok Max" microfiber larger particles that envelop each hair and create a really large amount.Thus eyelashes look "nashtukaturennymi."They remain flexible and elastic.


But the most important innovation that distinguishes "Supershok Max" from its predecessor, a paint brush.She also silicone and similar in size: length (about three centimeters) wide.But if the usual "Supershoke" bristles are even close, the new modification - spiral.These villi, says the manufacturer, called Lash Boost.Thanks to them, ink "Supershok Max" perfect waterproof paints over each cilium and along its entire length.You can achieve the effect of lengthening, add volume, or both at once.This mascara - a great choice for those who have short lashes, long, but rare or grow "peak."This brush allows you to add volume at the roots of the hair without creating a "spider legs."But this sin many carcasses to prolong the effect.

What the manufacturer says "Avon" to "Max Supershoke┬╗

Formula product has not undergone significant changes.The only innovation - more microfibers, causing the eyelashes the most magically lengthened and "get fat".Important than the manufacturer boasts, so it is innovative brush "Lash Boost."Just one stroke brush as cilia are made up, combed and podkrucheny.Forget about the other "crests" and tweezers."Lush Bust" - a brush "three in one".The design of the tube and the boxes become more elegant.Although, judging by the reviews, a long stay in the beautician helps erase bukovok with housing.Means, assures the manufacturer, hypoallergenic, and this is confirmed by users.Price of a new modification is no different from the cost of the classic "Supershoka."The product is also available in four colors.

Mascara "Supershok Max" from the "Avon": reviews

First of all, people have appreciated the new brush.This option is much liked more.While the wearer, accustomed to the small brush in the other carcasses, have had a long time to get used to.Incredible length and volume - a trump card "Supershoka Max."The effect is that the friend asks, I do not whether you have built up the lashes.Brush hairs attached to very beautiful bend.Therefore, many women do not throw the brush when the ink is dry (or end), and use it using a different product - sometimes combing and twisting and at times for coloring."Supershok Max" leaves no lumps and no spilling.It is a waterproof, resistant to heat, frost and snow in the face.

Pros and cons of new modifications over the old SuperShock

would think: who needs the source code when there is a more modern version?However, the classic SuperShock not morally outdated.And in some cases it even surpasses ink "Avon" "Supershok Max."Reviews mention that a new modification is almost not possible to achieve the effect of natural long lashes.If we draw on the hairs once they stick together.It is necessary to wait for about twenty seconds and then repeat.Then, the eyelashes are separated, but they become thicker.Many users think that this make-up - too bright for daytime and return to work.But there is a way out of this situation: most users are advised to wipe the brush on the edge of the tube and apply mascara in a single layer with a twist, from the root hairs.Thus, to preserve the natural lashes, but will be longer and a little more volume.For evening make-up mascara should be applied in two layers.