Cosmetics company Cutrin: reviews

Beautiful hair has always fascinated and professional cosmetics for hair, such as Cutrin, reviews of which say that it gives a careful treatment and care of each strand, it is always at the peak of popularity.

History of the brand

Cutrin brand was founded in 1971.He gathered under his wing several lines of cosmetics aimed at the professional hair care that helped to solve a number of problems with the skin and hair.

company Cutrin - reviews about it point to the demand for its products - started its activity in the small town of Tampere in Finland, and at first called Findola Cosmetics.In 1984 the young company acquires a group Farmos.In Scandinavia, this brand becomes recognizable and popular, and the means - loved by many women.

hallmarks of hair products is their impact on the delicate strands and content of natural ingredients.

Since 1991 Cutrin owned Finnish company Lumene Oy.Since then, the range of tools is expanding rapidly, and the quality of cosmetics is not changed and still remains

at a high level.In 1995 Cutrin enters the Russian market and is quickly becoming popular with professionals.

product range

Products Cutrin has a real Finnish quality.Produced according to the norms and international quality standards.Cosmetics contain allergens, parabens, artificial colors, mineral oil and fragrances.At production are taken into account all the environmental standards.

All products are divided into several categories:

  • hair coloring and lightening;
  • perm strands;
  • styling and hair care;
  • tools to improve the condition of hair and skin of the head;
  • professional technical equipment.

products help not only to care for hair, but also to implement the boldest desires, whether it's hair color, volume and shine.The most prominent is a painting mask strands Cutrin Reflection Chocolate Treatment.Reviews of means pay attention to the soft and gentle color, which gives it the hair.

coloring and lighting strands

Hair woman completes her image, and the range of tools Cutrin, reviews of which indicate good quality paint allows for bright saturated color without damaging hair.

product range to change color shag diverse and includes the following tools:

  • Dye SCC-Reflection, intended for persistent staining.
  • bezammiachnoy products for coloring strands of a series of Reflection Demi.
  • Clarifying powders Reflection Bleach and Reflection Blond.
  • Cosmetics line Haircolor Remover to remove the coloring pigment to hair.
  • Tint conditioners, shampoos series Reflection Color Care, including toning hair mask Cutrin Reflection Chocolate Treatment.Reviews only enthusiastic about it and say that it is able to give proof wonderful shades of hair.
  • resistant paint directional Reflection Fireworks.
  • Cosmetics to remove paint from skin Cleansing Water.

Their composition is filled sparing natural ingredients that not only have a positive effect on the locks after staining, but also take care of them, provide health, beauty and well-groomed appearance.Professionals using these cosmetics can endlessly experiment with hair.Just such products can be attributed Cutrin Reflection Silver Treatment.Reviews of its impact on the hair say hair after using this tool becomes soft, smooth and silky, despite the coloring process.

cosmetics perm

Curly locks can endlessly draw glance, but despite this, they should not burden the hair to be natural, flexible and elastic.In this case hairstyle looks easy.Just for this purpose the company has created products that are indispensable for a chemical wave of hair, it is:

  • standard alkaline classical beauty products for hair curling Cutrin Perfection;
  • amino acid products without ammonia SensiPerfection;
  • fixers, suitable for all hair types.

All cosmetics for perm Cutrin, reviews of which only positive, includes in its composition natural organic substances that make perm particularly delicate, not dried hair, leaving it soft and smooth, and do not harm the skin surface hair.

Program Hair BIO +

Healthy Hair - an important indicator of beauty hair, and problems like dandruff, hair loss, excessive dryness or, conversely, excessive oiliness harm strands and make them unkempt.Therefore, the company Cutrin - reviews of its products is simply amazing - produced the tools to help solve these imperfections.Among them are the four lines is:

  • Dandruff Control, allowing to remove dandruff and seborrhea of ​​the skin with the head.Contains a highly effective formula Active Formula, piroctone olamine, which is struggling with itching, scaling, inflammation, dandruff, and extract the shoots of juniper, have antibacterial effects.
  • Dryness Relief successfully struggling with excessive dryness of the scalp and hair.It incorporates patented complex Lipid Barrier Protection with ceramides, normalizes water balance, eliminates peeling, irritation and other problems.
  • Cutrin Oil Control.Reviews on this range of funds say they have a good fight with fat strands.A substance such as glycine, hops extract, tree bark, sarcosine normalize natural sebaceous lipid metabolism, possess anti-inflammatory properties.Extracts and spruce trees soften and moisturize the skin of the head.
  • Hair Energy & amp;Vitality offers a program to combat hair loss for men and women.Products for men include in its membership prokapil, strengthens hair follicles, improve blood circulation;palm extract, xylitol and lactitol, which restore and maintain a normal level of moisture, soothes the scalp.Products include seven women especially important for normal hair growth vitamins and horse chestnut extract, stimulates blood circulation.

Care and Styling

Cutrin not only treats the hair, but also takes care of them, and styling products are essential in creating hairstyles.All funds set up according to the latest technological developments and standards and include in its composition natural ingredients.So, care products have the following range of tools:

  • Care premium products containing hyaluronic acid Premium.
  • tools for different types of shag iSM.
  • Ekoseriya care cosmetics strands GreeniSM.
  • hypoallergenic and styling products for scalp SensitiviSM.
  • Styling Chooz.

Premium Formula funds have air consistency, created to care for colored strands.Are composed of luxurious complex Cutrin Hyaluronic Complex, created exclusively based on hyaluronic acid.Maximum moisturizes the hair, making them more elastic.

line Cutrin ISM tools designed to care for different types of hair.For example, Cutrin VolumiSM.Reviews say that he cares for great hair.It contains birch extract, chitosan and polymers.It protects against the negative effects of the environment.

line Cutrin RepairiSM has only positive reviews: means nourishes dry, damaged locks chemistry all the necessary nutrients.It contains a complex of herbal ingredients, which includes sea-buckthorn oil, wheat protein, panthenol, vitamin E.

not inferior in its quality characteristics serum based on natural oils Cutrin Arctic Berry Drops.Reviews say that after using them just curls transformed, become smooth, shiny and silky.

Technical range

This category of assets includes products aimed at intensive restoration hair.This is a mask for dry and damaged strands.Hydrates dry and damaged locks chemistry from the base to the tips.Restores structure of the strands inside, it gives hair strength and energy.It is used most often in the cabin.

Professional shampoo aimed at the removal of green and yellow shades on the clarified hair.Used barbers just before the dyeing process for removing impurities from the hair.

cost cosmetics Cutrin

Cosmetics Cutrin considered professional and not available to every woman.Thus, reducing the volume of serum in 30 ml of cost when buying 700-800 rubles.Shampoo volume of 150 ml costs about 600 rubles.Hair styling products, such as paint, foam or air conditioner, can be bought for 500 rubles.Products for coloring and toning bought for 600 rubles.Despite the fact that the funds are quite expensive, they are popular among many women, largely due to their quality.


cosmetics Cosmetic products of this company found many admirers around the world, including in Russia.Especially popular among women hair dye.For example, about the paint Cutrin 8.1 reviews say it gently and carefully paints over hair, leaving it soft and silky, helps to gain its natural light-brown color with a yellow hue.For a long time on the hair is held.It does not flush and dry strands.Gives intense color.Dame does not scare even the price of 600 rubles, and those who painted it, argue that not exchange it to any other.

not inferior to her hair dye Cutrin 9.36.Reviews say that it has a cumulative effect and leaves curls after staining alive, shiny and beautiful.Even with the leaching of pigment curls do not lose the acquired hue, which becomes a more warm and calm.

lot of enthusiastic responses provoked shade "silver frost."Cutrin 10.06 reviews currently earned only positive.Most women say good resistance, beautiful color and excellent condition of the hair after dyeing.

Most of the company's funds are popular with the ladies and have little or no negative feedback, which causes them the confidence and the desire to try it for yourself.