Naked (cosmetics): customer reviews.

The variety of cosmetic brands sometimes confuses, because not all drugs can boast of its quality, and to run a fake easily enough.Cosmetics from the "Urban Dickey" special demand like ordinary townsfolk and professionals.After all, the quality of these products is always on top.

The story of the brand

brand Urban Decay was founded fifteen years ago.In those days, the whole range of beauty consisted of beige, red and pink shades.Other colors were indecent, use them in the make-up, few dared.The trend of boring colors and shades did not suit Sandy Lerner, and she took a daring at the time the decision to extend the range of color cosmetics, make-up used in creating their own company.So she became a founding member of delirium Urban Decay.The key to the development of the company turned acquaintance Sandy Wendy Zomir.That, in turn, was obsessed with makeup, and just like Sandy, was dissatisfied with the paucity of colors used in make-up.Together they decided to blow up the world of beauty, diluted ass

ortment of tools and extraordinary avant-garde colors.

a result of their creative union in 1996, saw the light 10 12 lipsticks and nail polish.Every year the range of products expanded, and soon came Eyeshadow Palette Naked.Cosmetics differ excellent quality, had in its composition natural ingredients, has been stable, it does not crumble and does not harm the skin.It is for these properties fell in love with her and thousands of women around the world.

Advantages cosmetics

line Naked - amerikanskanskoy cosmetics brand Urban Decay - embodies femininity, individuality, originality and harmony, leads to self-expression.

the undeniable benefits of cosmetic products include:

  • natural ingredients that are utilized in the production process;
  • active ingredients moisturize, nourish the skin;
  • gradation according to the type of skin;
  • efficiency;
  • stability;
  • quality;
  • usability;
  • versatility.

natural substances that make up many funds do not cause allergies.A mosaic Naked (shadow) are designed to suit all tastes, occasions and sustained in pastel and in brighter colors.

Where can I buy products

In Russia only began to emerge products Naked.Cosmetics are mainly sold through online stores specialized professional cosmetics.Also, it can be purchased in Moscow at the Central Department Store.Many women bought cosmetics Urban Decay in foreign online stores such as eBay, HQhair, Macys, Lookfantastic, Sephora, as well as on their official website.

assortment of

brand Urban Decay produces an extensive range of cosmetics.This category of funds for eye makeup, which includes a primer, mascara, makeup remover, eyeliner and eyebrows, eyeliner, eyeshadow Naked.

Cosmetics Lip famous for lipsticks, glitter, crayons.Category make-up offers primers tonal foundations, powders, sprays for fixing makeup, blush, concealer highlighter.

┬źNaked┬╗ - cosmetics, is divided into two sections.The first - the actual palette of shadows, the second - makeup base.

color palette of shadows

Reticulation shadows Naked is a 12 shades.Three of them are matte, the other nine - to satin.Is the most popular in the world of mosaic to create a natural make-up.These shadows are universal and suitable for owners of different colored eyes.After some time, the company released a mosaic Naked Naked 2 and 3, they have become indispensable collection of shadows and joined many ladies.

Paletka embodies the idea that a woman is beautiful and no makeup, thanks to its natural beauty.There are no dull colors, and each color has corresponding to him undertone.The shadows are well pigmented and easily typed on a brush, do not fall off during the day and have a rich color.

Each set has a trial version of the primer Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which simply must be used under makeup Naked.Shadows with its application look presentable and keep up to 24 hours.

also set includes a brush for applying shading and shadows, and road package color of chocolate, which is always convenient to take with you.It contains shades such as:

  • Virgin - matte skin tone.that almost merges with the skin.It is applied as a base under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye.
  • Sin - satin pearlescent flesh color.Most often used to "highlight" the eye.
  • Naked - dull shade of light beige tones.
  • Sidecar - bronze color, with which you can create the effect of light flicker.
  • Buck - matte color bricks.It focuses on the eyelid crease.
  • Half Baked - golden color with mother of pearl.Able to add mystery and light eyes flicker;
  • Smog - pearl rich shade of brown.It is used for eye makeup finish.
  • Darkhorse - pearlescent brown color with a slight tinge of swamp.His beauty and the depth passes Shimmer Lights.Professionals often shaded it in the crease.
  • Toasted - with nothing comparable to the shade of color of tea roses, are used as the main color.
  • Hustle - bright plum color with a light brown shade.
  • Creep - deep black.They fix the outer corner of the eye, and often emphasize the contour of the lash line;
  • Gunmetal - gray metallic, pearl beautiful basic shade.


Professional Face Naked includes products such as liquid foundation foundation, BB-cream, cream powder, compact face powder.All funds have up to fifteen colors.There Powder both flicker and classic crumbly.Included in this section concealers and multifunction blush.

All the products is composed of natural ingredients, which are carefully taken care of your skin every day, to protect it from negative environmental impact.They are stable and do not have to correct for the day, especially when using a primer.Cosmetics brand with a lower value may not always provide a similar result.

Pricing Policy

Professional cosmetics, which produces the brand Urban Decay, is expensive and not always available to the common man in the street.Thus, in a palette of shadows Naked give many women from 2000 to 3000 rubles.Lower the cost of forgery says.Tonal foundation, powder and BB creams are also in this price category.Their price at online stores varies between 2,000 rubles.

These products are not cheap, but at a certain desired it can afford to every woman.Cosmetics brands other companies though beckon its attractive price, but often are not as effective and efficient as these funds.

Naked: reviews

among Russian women every year is gaining popularity products Urban Decay.The ladies say it stands out among the entire range of cosmetic products for its outstanding quality.They are not exchange it to any other, and still have not seen such great shadows.Cosmetics makeup not smeared and does not spread throughout the day.It has a unique and original shades, light texture.Shadows on the brush quickly typed, well pigmented, often the color shades in the box is identical to the hue after applying makeup.Compact Case palette allows you to wear it permanently with him, because it has everything you need for a natural and everyday make-up.

Ladies also noted that when applying the primer shade hold up to 24 hours, and without it - about 7. Shadows never rolled and smeared.Many do not like the primer that comes.He is said to heavy eyelids and make them quickly lose its original appearance, so many women frequently change it to another.There

women customers, who admire perfection selected in the color palette.They say that they are always appropriate and suitable for make-up day and night for the publication and blondes, brunettes and.Looks expensive and presentable, underline style of its owner.There are ladies who, on the contrary, are dissatisfied presented in a palette of colors, and claim that they are not suitable for everyone.

And, despite some negative feedback, cosmetics Naked has won many rave reviews and has been successfully used by professionals in expensive salons, and ordinary women, that it was expensive.