Lip Balm: how to choose a quality?

Lip Balm - is an essential part of any woman's cosmetics, especially in the cold season.Because of the cold and wind delicate skin on the lips is dried, causing discomfort and even pain.But how to choose a really high quality cosmetic product that is right for you and will provide the necessary skin care?

For a start it is worth noting that the lip balm is designed primarily for the treatment of the skin, while to protect the lips from the environment is perfect plain chapstick.Therefore, it is necessary to choose, guided by the existing problems.

Lip Balm: what it is?

choosing this product, first carefully read its contents.Really high-quality funds should be made on the basis of wax.That it forms a protective film on the skin and softens fine and it was disintegrating.

In addition, lip balm should contain vegetable oils that provide proper nutrition and hydration of the skin, and also have soothing properties.For chapped lips dry perfect cocoa butter, jojoba, avocado, tea tree.Quite often in

modern cosmetics are also added castor oil, which are great impact on the skin.

for additional treatment balms added herbal extracts such as aloe vera, chamomile, sage and calendula.These components accelerate the healing of cracks, reduces inflammation and irritation.

vitamins contained in lip balms, provide food, increase the resistance of the skin, reduce inflammation and slow down the aging process.Very well, if your cosmetic product contains ingredients that protect against viral infections and exposure to toxins.Also, remember that in the summer is better to use a balm, of which consists of special filters that protect against UV radiation.

How to choose a lip balm?

Of course, the choice depends on the individual needs of your skin.However, when buying cosmetics pay attention to the weather and time of year, because in many respects depends on these factors condition the lips.

For example, in the autumn of the skin is necessary to prepare for winter, as well as to protect against the constant humidity and strong winds.So you should choose a lip balm complex action, which also nourishes and protects.

During the winter months the skin on the lips is constantly being influenced by low temperatures, cold winds and ultraviolet radiation.Therefore, choose a balm with nourishing properties, which contains vitamins and sunscreens.

But in the spring, the main problem of the skin becomes vitamin deficiency, as all stocks of vitamins and nutrients the body has had time to spend the winter.Therefore, make sure that in the balm to present sufficient amount of vitamins and vegetable oils.Remember that humidity and instability of the weather increases the risk of catching some viral or bacterial diseases.Therefore, choose a lip balm, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

summer months - a period of sunshine and high temperatures.Therefore, your lips need moisture and protection from UV rays.

How to make lip balm at home?

course, cosmetics can be done on their own - in this case, you can be sure that your balm does not contain preservatives, fragrances and other harmful substances.To prepare it, you will need:

  • 13 grams of beeswax;
  • half teaspoon of honey;
  • quarter teaspoon of some essential oil (suitable tea tree oil, which has a protective and anti-bacterial properties);
  • quarter cup of almond oil;

First you need to warm up in a water bath almond oil, then add to the wax and wait until it is completely melted.Now stir the mixture, add the honey and essential oil.Next, you need to pour the liquid into a glass jar (better to use a few small containers).So ready your lip balm.Comments about it are really good.By the way, keep your "medicine" in the refrigerator should be no more than twelve months.