On the production of "Bioderma┬╗ Reviews

About production of the French pharmaceutical company "Bioderma 'reviews on the web and in the press there are different, but for the most part positive, and even enthusiastic.The company specializes in the production of bases for drugs that are made by medical prescription.

It all started with a base in Lyon (France) in 1978 with the name of the laboratory Bioderma.First, the company released a cream and ointment bases for drugs.Then pharmacists have tried their hand in making their own cosmetic treatment products.Many years of experience in the lab plus the scientific approach to the creation of safe, effective cosmetic products - all components of success of the company.Products "Bioderma" (reviews confirm this) is loved by consumers and has earned the respect of competitors and experts.It is being implemented in the pharmacy network of more than sixty five countries.In France, every second prescription is issued in the acquisition of medical cosmetics, it contains the word "Bioderma."Cosmetics com

panies is unique.It helps the patients to get rid of many cosmetic problems, because drugs affect not only the elimination of manifestations of the disease, but its cause.

Today laboratory - one of the market leaders in medical cosmetics.That its products are widely used by modern dermatologists.Pharmacologists and pharmacists are closely monitoring market trends, responsive to the needs of physicians and consumers.That is why the drugs produced laboratory "Bioderma" very positive reviews as a doctor, and their grateful patients.

list produced by the enterprise funds is extensive.This includes mainly DERMATOLOGY drugs used by experts in the prevention and treatment of a complex variety of skin diseases.

Medical cosmetics "Bioderma" is unique in its composition.It is intended for the correct skin care, especially the sick and troubled.Due to the continuous use of cosmetics French laboratory creates a barrier occurrence of exacerbations of chronic diseases of the skin.If DERMATOLOGY drugs companies' Bioderma "(Testimonials proof) used a complex with drugs and increases the efficiency of those, and others.

In its laboratory, a special niche in the market of medical cosmetics.Pharmacists enterprise is constantly working on the introduction of the latest achievements in the production of cosmetics, creating a truly magical remedies that eliminate dandruff, rosacea, acne, greasy hair, seborrhea and other "troubles."Unlike cosmetics "Bioderma" from the ordinary in the fact that the latter only masks the problem without eliminating the causes of disease.French also means neutralize the disease and reduce the outward signs of it.Among the laboratory produced a wide variety of cosmetic preparations.Here and creams, and lotions and mousses, shampoos, and serum and laktovoda and gels, and micelle solutions.Regularly using the product "Bioderma," a person can solve many problems of the skin.