Makeup with red lipstick - a word "against"

Every girl wants to be a style icon for others.Coco Chanel is a shining example for hundreds and thousands of women.Its miniature black dress, string of pearls and a low-key makeup with red lipstick made her large army of fans look quite differently on an exquisite red color scheme.For a long time, the use of this color in clothes and accessories to make-up was considered shameful: such nuances associated with readily available women.Passing through all the obstacles and human whispers, stars such as Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and many others, have shown that red lipstick - it is not only sexy, but also very refined.

Many ladies sigh sadly: because they believe that this attribute is not all cosmetic.After trying one makeup with red lipstick, many of the fair sex have put a sign on it "taboo".And for good reason.Dear girls!Red lipstick - like most little black dress - an integral part of the "wardrobe person" every beauty.And "wearing" it should be dignified.Red is always riveted

the far more views than any other language.In an effort to stand out from the gray crowd, the girls added to their appearance element of passion - red clutch bag, shoes, nails, painted with red lacquer.But the most daring use makeup with red lipstick.

skillfully selected the desired shade of the color all women and skillful makeup make something that many have sought and which also greatly feared: let his lips sensual beauties find fascinating red color.

makeup for women who intend to use red lipstick, not to be bright and flashy.Emphasis skillful make-up should be directed to the lips - these two sex crescent on the charming woman's face.

Shades of red vary widely: from scarlet to alizarin.Therefore, not only the desired color, and especially their appearance.

skinned beauties suitable makeup with red lipstick pink or peach shade.Swarthy nymphs better to choose a secondary burgundy color scheme.Her lips, skin which has an olive shade, need lipstick with brown highlights.Make-up, as mentioned earlier, it should not be bright.Tonal foundation, powder, eye shadow should be neutral hues.The eyes can be a little stress eyeliner or pencil.

makeup with red lipstick for brunettes includes another important option: to lips beautiful women with dark hair looked sleeker and sexier, it is recommended to use the contour pencil on darker tone base color of lipstick.

course, the choice of this graceful attribute makeup obliges girls to take closer to your wardrobe.For soft and unique combination is recommended as a complement to a dazzling scarlet lips red shoes, belt and clutches.A good extra touches will tiny red beads or bracelet.