Doll makeup for girls and women

We all come from childhood, so say psychologists.Maybe that's why our mothers willingly wore short hair with a perm or long hair shaggy.Because they wanted to be like the dolls of their childhood.Note that some time ago were circulated less slender form that was not considered ugly.And dolls that girls thought last coveted toy, were quite "well-fed" bobblehead.

In recent decades, everything has changed.In place of the doll-like baby, basically it came leggy beauty with luxurious Barbie wardrobe and supermodelnymi forms, which have sought unconsciously girl.Toy supported perpetual demand for blondes with long hair and set a stable fashion for the so-called make-up doll.

This kind of a make-up stands on the "three pillars".It is believed that ideally made doll makeover includes three components - the perfect skin tone, underscored the huge eyes and pink shades coloring.

That the skin was soft, porcelain appearance should start with cleaning the face.Drugs that are used for this operation allow you

to remove small particles to provide a smooth surface for applying makeup.After that, the skin moisturized and with a special pencil masked slightest flaws.Then put on the person light tone, which is the top powder oneself friable powder.

for expressive eyes fashionable women need mascara and false eyelashes.If the doll is used in makeup gaming purposes, the artificial eyelash may be full length, all the eyelid.For everyday style is quite enough a few beams, glued in the corners of the eyes.Mascara is best to take the bulk of black or dark brown.Eye Makeup start with moisturizer, evens and causes the shade of purple or pink flowers.For more expressive, you can draw arrows and highlight the eyes upper eyelid highlighter.Those girls who want their eyes looked in the puppet at all times, can make eyelashes that lasts for several months.

main "carrier" bright pink color doll makeup, of course, are the lips.Their shape can be emphasized dark pink pencil, apply lipstick pink, and on top of it to make an easy touch pink or transparent shine.This will give the lips extra visual "swelling."Also needed are pink blush, which are applied to the cheekbones in a rounded, well feathered areas.Applying blush in bands that emphasize the cheekbones are not recommended becauseThis eliminates the "puppet" of the image.

Many people wonder how to make a doll makeup, if the skin is dark or tanned face.In this case, all as simply - taken a darker tone, powder tan and dark pink blush with purple shadows.Lipstick preferable crimson hues to lips were darker in tone than the base of the face.Bad light pink lipstick with a pearl, becauseit strongly "simple" make-up.

Doll makeup in varying degrees, suitable for any age.After all, every adult woman in one way or another hiding a little girl who wants to be loved, protected, and well-dressed.However, for women doing similar makeup doll image to be more subdued.You can confine impeccable tone face and thick eyelashes and again impeccable tone and bright lipstick, the color of which should correspond to the situation (evening makeup on vacation).IeIt must observe the basic rules of makeup - can only be bright eyes or lips.