Green eye color: natural beauty

green-eyed woman at all times attracted the attention of the stronger sex.About them invented many legends and fairy tales, and for good reason.After the green eyes of a woman simply can not leave anyone indifferent man.He bewitches, there lies a mystery to solve that strive for many centuries, men of all ages and generations.

green eyes puts its imprint on the nature of beauty, which is lucky to be born with a natural shade of sight.Such women are very emotional and kind.They are ambitious and will never start a relationship with a man who is not free.Despite all the legends of the green-eyed cunning seductress, green eyes woman celebrates creative and is not able to forgive the humiliation and pain, prone to revenge her abuser.

Shades of green are shown in these eyes mostly in sunlight.Artificial lighting is visually turns green eyes in gray.It can also be a gray-green.To enhance the beauty and brightness of view, it is important to choose the right hair color for gray-green eyes.It is not always

a shade and color, given to a woman by nature, it is suitable for its appearance.

green-suited for women, almost all hair colors.Just with each new shade will change the image of beauty.When choosing a hair color, it is worth paying attention only to their own tsvetotip take into account skin tone and color of eyebrows.

bright green eyes, a shade reminiscent of grass, in harmony with the chestnut hair color.Shades should be selected quiet so they do not muffled color eyes.Well suited to such eyes light brown, muted shade of red, and chocolate milk.Green-eyed blonde will suit light ashen hair.A girl with brown hair standing head of hair to make color a little darker for contrast with favorable eyes.

highlight and decorate green eye makeup properly selected.Shadow peach, purple, green, black and gold colors will accentuate all the advantages of an eye.Mascara should be chosen dark purple shades, it unobtrusively provide the eyes and make the color brighter and deeper.Very impressive look green eyes circled in black on a contour a pencil or eyeliner.

Good looks make-up green eyes, made in brown tones.But it is worth considering that in such a make-up eyebrows, too, it should be emphasized brown pencil, not black.Red lipstick is ideal for make-up green eyes.These bright colors that complement each other.

green eyes come in different shades.Make-up should be selected in accordance with them.Green eyes with turquoise paint need only light shades of blue range.By the light green cat's eyes are good shades lighter than the eye itself.Gray-green eyes - the most common, true colors to pick him hard.The main thing - do not use dark colors, are appropriate pastel soft shades.