Perfume of Life in Men

perfume for the modern man - is the foundation of his style, indicator of social status.Perfume creates a mood, makes you feel "at."Women pay more attention to a man who enjoys a perfume, the scent coming from him, they remember for a long time.

in flavor men's fragrances dominate herbaceous and woody tones, in contrast to the flower, berry and fruit flavors, designed for women.

Class A fragrance types:

Men woody fragrance - for the creation of these fragrances used a variety of varieties of trees.Cedar, sandalwood, cypress, and others. Their shop offers all the spirits, so restrictions on the choice should arise.

Male fern (fern) fragrance - a delicate floral tone, used to create a coumarin, oak moss, lavender and others.

Floral scents - such fragrances for men muffled, not pronounced.To add spice tones floral, citrus, woody notes.

Men chypre scents - when the first fragrance used jasmine, narcissus, rose, bergamot and oak moss.

Citrus flavors - the name speaks for itself, based on a series o

f bright citrus notes.Sometimes they are added or woody chypre notes.

Men fresh flavors - combine the fresh, fruity, floral, green flavors.

Men natural flavors - it notes of freshly cut grass, various trees, floral, fruity notes.

Oriental scents - a combination of musk and amber, benzoin and vanilla, a classic example is the Chanel perfume, Egoist.

main odor should be chosen, focusing on the person's character, his qualities, personality traits.For the self-assured, successful men, are more suited quiet, cool odors.Business, active man fit notes of sandalwood, coriander, citrus.Gambling, young people prefer woody, herbaceous nuances.Fans of the classics will find their fragrance in the perfume with notes of bergamot, lavender, jasmine.The classic combination of perfumes for men is a tandem of sage and lavender.

Choosing perfume is possible and on the basis of skin types, suitable for dry musk and tobacco flavors, for a fat - citrus.Fragrance suitable for office may not be appropriate for a party, also plays a role for the selection and time of year.The smell of perfume should be selected in accordance with their feelings and preferences, then the purchase will justify all expectations.