Baby powder: instructions for use

Baby powder, the composition of which includes the mineral talc and zinc oxide, absorbs excess moisture and dries the skin.It can contain plant extracts, such as chamomile to soothe and reduce inflammation of the skin.

should remember that baby powder is not a universal tool in the fight against diaper rash.It can not be used for children under the age of one month, and if there are pustules on the skin.

In modern liquid talcum powder is used, which protects the baby's skin.Apply the product to be on dry skin.First, you need to rub the powder between your hands, and only then put on the baby's skin.The weakest places considered infantile relief folds on the neck, knees and elbows, armpits.At the pharmacy you can find powder with cooling effect.Modern diapers so well with their tasks that need to use powder disappears, but many continue to use it, not only children.Pediatricians recommend the use of powder only in extreme cases when there is no possibility of time to atone for the child.In other enoug

h to observe the optimum temperature, the child is not sweating, use clothes made of natural materials and regularly bathe the baby.

Baby powder can get into the child's airway, so you should pay special attention to its composition.Unscrupulous manufacturers can add the so-called phthalates, which are harmful not only to children but also adults.Such substances adversely affect the central nervous system and the endocrine system of a young child.If you find on the packaging, such as an inscription, DEHP, CMR, BBP, should refuse to buy such goods.

Baby powder for acne and demand and adults.She copes with this little nuisance.However, its scope is much broader.If your baby is big, and baby powder left, take the time to throw it.You can use it very well, "wash" your hair in the field.To this end, the powder is distributed on the hair and comb.Powder helps get rid of excessive sweat secretions on the scalp, but hair color becomes dull.

edition devoted to useful advice, suggest the use of powder as a "first aid" to remove unwanted fat stains on clothes.To this end, it is applied on a cotton swab, rub into the stain and remove any excess powder.Baby powder has been applied, even in the garden area.If you mix the soil with it and plant the bulbs to plant, no bugs and other pests roots are not afraid.

As it turns out, baby powder in the household - a good thing.Use it also for the prevention of prickly heat and diaper rash in children is better in extreme cases, taking into account the characteristics of the body of your son.In no event it is impossible to forget about such a delicate jewel-like child's health.