The focus tsvetotip "summer"

classification appearance of colortype - spring, summer, autumn, winter - rather conventional, because every woman is unique in the world and its beauty.But, according to the theory tsvetotip, each of the four types of appearance have common characteristics, advantages that can be emphasized and disadvantages that it would be better to disguise.

Many stylists, image makers, designers have long enjoyed this theory, working on the creation of unique female characters.Determine your tsvetotip, every woman can take advantage of useful recommendations that will help in the selection of the optimal palette makeup, wardrobe basic colors, hair color, style and accessories.

Female summer

owner of this tsvetotipa are many Slav, as it is common in Europe.

tsvetotip "contrast the summer" - is feminine and soft girl, a bit mysterious and charming, they are always blowing cool.Women are particularly delicate summer beauty, and knowing the flavor and color of its type, they have more opportunities to demonst

rate their benefits.

skin color

tsvetotip "summer" - a skin with a characteristic bluish backlight, bright, clear, with shades from pink to pale olive and beige.Sunburn falls on the skin well, even a hint of hazelnut.Leather, due to closely spaced vessels, sensitive, often have redness.

Eye color

Representatives summer tsvetotipa always have cool shade of the eyes.The eyes may be gray, blue-gray, gray-kerosene, aqua, light green, green-gray, walnut with brown iris.Proteins - dull, milky.

Hair color

Hair necessarily cold ashy hue, the color may be a platinum or straw, and medium or dark Light Brown, smoky brown.Tsvetotip "summer" has hair like effect "dust", they do not ryzhinki or golden tint.

This tsvetotip has several subtypes or color:

bright summer : bright eyes (light blue, gray, blue-gray), light skin (ivory, light-beige, cool beige) and hair (ashblonde, light gray, cold gray).

Natural summer : dull eyes (blue-green, blue-gray, light brown), leather beige shades (light beige, ivory, beige) with ashen hair tint (light-brown, brown).

Contrast summer : intense eye color (gray, blue-gray, blue-green), skin pale pink, beige, pink and beige, porcelain, dark hair (ash-brown, dark brown, dark brown,dark gray).

Basic colors wardrobe

should not forget about the rule.If tsvetotip - "Summer" clothing should be selected in accordance with the appropriate colors: a palette should consist of a kind of "muted", pastel shades.

main colors that extraordinary to face these women - blue, sky blue, light turquoise, tea rose, pale lilac, lavender, pistachio, violet, vanilla, mocha, graphite, asphalt, gray-brown and other mutedcool shades.Blonde are also suitable light-gray color, and the dark-haired - plum, purple and pink, pink and brown.


tsvetotip "summer" always emphasizes the benefit of fine clothes or a romantic style, but also looks great female summer with any denim clothing.Effectively emphasize its advantages classics.


harmonious look as a woman-summer silver jewelry, platinum or white gold, cold-transparent or opaque stones, amethyst, opal, aquamarine.

color palette makeup

As this cold tsvetotip, makeup should stick to the cold color palette.You can emphasize the eyes or lips, but in any case, not all at once.Tone cream is better to choose a matting and blush - pale pink, without shine.For eye shadows can be used cool colors - gray, green, blue, purple, silver.Ideal shade will look not liquid, and dry, dull.Lips can emphasize lipstick close to the natural color or highlight more saturated shades of pink, magenta, coral, cherry flowers.

Hair coloring and hair

Many representatives summer tsvetotipa consider your natural hair color is gray or whitish and therefore resorted to dyeing or tinting hair.To emphasize his appearance tsvetotipa can be easy, non-contrast coloring cool colors, or weave strands in one or two colors.Avoid "yellowing" and coloring in one tone.Garnish with a woman-summer romantic hairstyle with soft curls, air, or with the effect of light "creative disorder", but clear and strict geometric lines of "sleek" hairstyles and haircuts are best avoided.

Celebrities tsvetotipa "summer"

Natalia Vodianova, Milla Jovovich, Maria Sharapova, Uma Thurman, Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton, Emily Blunt, Cameron Diaz, Bar Rafaeli, Scarlett Johansson.