Eye Cream

most delicate and thin skin is located in a prominent place - around the eyes.Its status can tell others about some human diseases, habits, and even lifestyle.She is constantly under the influence of adverse factors (sun, wind, temperature, and so on).As a result, there are fine lines, dark circles, swelling, skin peels off.All of this can easily be avoided by ensuring a full facial.

most popular product in this case - Eye Cream.To begin to use it should be 20-25 years old.With proper treatment and skin care products, you can significantly prolong their youth.

Remember that even the best eye cream will not save you if you do not comply with certain rules: never rub your eyes, be sure to protect them from sunlight, do massage regularly, twice a week to do a mask, do not overdo it.Apply eye cream morning and evening on clean skin with light, patting motion.Never rub it.Pick up care should be according to your skin type.To cleanse the necessary tonic or lotion.Never use an ordinary face cream instead of

the special.

There are a number of problems that solves Eye Cream:

  1. Dark circles.If they were, then you obviously time to relax.They come with fatigue, prolonged work at the computer and so on.Most of the eye cream to cope with dark circles.
  2. Brown spots.They spoil the appearance and add visual age, even young girls.There is a special whitening eye cream for young skin.It consists of a substance that effectively whiten skin and eliminate dark spots.
  3. swelling.They usually appear in the morning after a party.You can remove them with the help of masks and lifting equipment.Usually this is just 15-20 minutes.After their application is required to apply the cream.
  4. Wrinkles, sagging skin.These unpleasant phenomena appear with age, someone sooner, others later.To accelerate this process can be stress, fatigue, fatigue, lack of rest.In such a situation means may help to regenerate the skin.All companies producing cosmetics that are developing anti-aging.This creams, gels, serums, tonics, masks, and so forth.They are able to penetrate deep into the skin and restore it.

At any age as a special care is recommended to use a mask for age.Before use, they are cooled.The mask contains a lot of nutrients.They act more effectively than creams, strengthen, tighten and nourish delicate skin.It is necessary to carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week.You can combine them with the usual facial.

Each woman chooses the means to care for the skin around the eyes to your liking.Someone like gels, creams someone.The skin must be diversity.Experts advise from time to time to change the brand or type of facility.

those who always wants to look good, it is worth remembering that only regular maintenance can ensure success.Conducted from time to time the procedure will not give the desired effect.