A few tips to make Smokey Eyes

effect of light "haze" in the eyes can make any girl more mysterious and attractive.Therefore, smokey eye makeup ice is considered one of the most spectacular and impressive.Suitable for everybody it as colors for its implementation can be any - from blue-black to more bright bold colors.The most commonly used to make such celebrations or parties.

If you want to learn how to do smokey ice yourself, listen to some advice, and you need all turn out.

to perform make-up needed:

  • matte black, gray and brown shade;
  • primer under the shade;
  • soft black pencil;
  • small flat brush for shading.

How to make Smokey Eyes: Technique

To prepare for the application of the eyelid shadows, use a primer.With it, the color will turn out more intense and persistent.If beautician primer is not found, it will replace the usual concealer or foundation.

soft black pencil, draw a line over the lashes, trying to paint the gaps between the cilia.

Using a brush, blend the pencil line - it must be sufficiently know

n.In the future, it is this line will be the basis of a saturated black.

tapping movements put black shadows on the area of ​​rolling century.

Now the border is necessary to dilute the black shadow (shade) gray.During feather focusing on the outer corner of the eye: it is only paint with your eyes open.This brush should be in the fold of the century to about the middle of the pile.

In order to create a smooth transition from the mobile age to the brow crease must be carefully paint over brown shadows, and then shade.

Do not forget to emphasize the black pencil lower eyelid.Note the pencil lines on the lower and upper eyelid must be connected to the outer corner of the eye.

gray shadows gently blend the black line on the lower eyelid.Movement of the brush should be directed right to left, rather than from the top down.

inner eyelid will also need to bring a black pencil.But this technique visually narrows her eyes, so if you need to skip this step.

final touches on how to make Smokey Eyes, is the application of mascara.Cover lashes mascara is necessary in several layers (cilia better pre-twist).Volume, thick and long cilia perfectly complement a makeover.

After all these actions, inspect the area under the eyes.Since this type of make-up often used darker shades, you must make sure that any excess mascara and shadows do not crumble.If this happens - just remove them.

sort out how to make Smokey Eyes, is to pick a shade of lipstick.In this case, use lipstick or gloss neutral shades.

But if you like to experiment, try different options, maybe you will find something suitable for you and your style.

Do not be afraid to see themselves in a new way, as to make Smokey Eyes can be in other color variations.And perhaps, this image would be much better than your present!