Terms of flavors, or how to choose perfume

Aroma - the card of any seductress.Good spirits require good money.A fragrance can say about a woman more than a costume, hairstyle and make-up combined.Therefore, every woman should know all about how to choose perfume to buy something that reflects her personality.

must first understand what the spirits are right for you.Marine, fern, chypre, oriental, floral - such family fragrances isolated to date.There are also combinations thereof.We need to think and decide what the family more to your taste, or rather the smell, you personally.

We must remember that the spirits - it's like outfit or makeup.That is, some of them can be "worn" by day, and the other - in the evening.The same spirits do not use in the office or at a party.The fragrance for the day should be light, unobtrusive.The fragrance for the evening can be a strong, spicy, sensual.Thinking about how to choose a perfume, remember how in the yard of the year, and according to it, choose fragrance.Vigorous citrus and sweet floral perfumes a

re good for summer.In winter, it is sweet chypre fragrance.

professional perfumers believe that between the temperament woman, her hair color and fragrance that suits her, there is a relationship.Spicy aromas sultry Eastern suited burning brunette.For blondes good choice will light aromas with floral notes.Redhead is to stop the election on a bright, but fresh scent.Delicate floral fragrances are suitable brown-haired.Perhaps this is a good way to choose a perfume.

Another way to get there, "the bull's eye" with a choice of spirits - is to choose for their temperament.Oriental and chypre fragrances blended with a quiet and reserved behavior.For active ekstavertov fit floral and citrus aromas.Sweet scents is to choose romantic special.

course, choosing perfume on the rules - this is not quite true.Rely on your own taste - that's the only infallible means, how to choose a perfume.Advertising, packing, big name, the recommendations of the seller - it all again.The first role is given to your taste and opinion.Do you feel that the scent brings discomfort?Do not take it.You will feel the fragrance throughout the day, so it must be your pleasant and comfortable.

in how to choose the right perfume, what matters is not only the flavor but also, as you "try".Perfumers are three stages of flavor.The first stage - immediately after application.The smell of concentrated too strong and sharp because of alcohol.But it is here that most strongly heard its main emphases.The main fragrance opens fifteen minutes after application.It was the smell will be present around you for 20 hours, so it is - the main landmark.Remaining flavor is retained for another 10 hours after the main weathering.

to choose a perfume, you need the aromatic atmosphere of neutrality.Silnopahnuschih not use cosmetics, do not use other spirits.Selecting aroma, first buy a sampler.The perfume shop is easy to make a mistake, so you should check out the spirits in a different environment to understand their scent to the end.Just seems like with the scent of a few days, you can understand, it is suitable to you or not.

Choice spirits - is an elaborate event.In order not to throw your money away, do not be upset because of the unnecessary purchase, go to the choice of flavor seriously.