Remover Shellac, and how it can be replaced

coating Shellac polish lasts much longer than a regular manicure, namely 2-3 weeks.And since it is strong, then, respectively, and to remove the need to spend a bit more time than usual.It uses a special fluid to remove Shellac.You can, of course, to replace conventional acetone, but professionals do not recommend it since the last negative impact on the nails.They become brittle, weak, lose their healthy appearance.

Means for stripping Shellac

course, to apply an agent to carry out the removal of Shellac at home - an individual decision, and the use of conventional cosmetic or acetone (and sometimes even just liquid polish remover inwhich is composed of acetone), no one cancels.The procedure takes place in any case the same.

Required tools and materials

In order to remove the cover Shellac, need:

  • special winding (can be replaced by a cotton pad and foil);
  • orange stick (to remove residual coating after exposure means);
  • liquid remover Shellac cnd (acetone can be replaced by conventional
    or cosmetic and use the nail polish remover with acetone).

Removal Procedure cover

Initially, you need to wash your hands well with soap and water (or foot, if you shoot a pedicure).Then, on a special winding is applied to remove the liquid and its Shellac turn fingertips (as pictured).If you use cotton pads, they must be divided into two parts, to get two thin disk.Each of them must be cut in order to get a "half-disks."They also wetting agents (or acetone), wrapped around the fingertip and top enveloping foil.

After 10-15 minutes winding can be removed.This time, enough so that the liquid remover Shellac acted, and that acetone loosened cover.The latter then can be easily removed with nail whole film.If this does not occur until the end of the grains remain separate, you can remove them using orange sticks, this is done very easily.

After the procedure will be useful to put on nails oil and light massage movements rub it.

If you need a manicure again, it can be begin immediately, starting with the correct form of nails.

Instead of conclusion

As can be seen, the process stripping Shellac does not take much time and runs quite easily.No special skills are not required for this.It is only necessary to prepare in advance for removing liquid Shellac, winding - and you can get down to business.

It should be noted that by using a special liquid to remove the boring manicure can at least every day.No harm is not cause nails.This is one of the major differences (and with it the benefits) of a specialized liquid acetone and other means, to which it is included.This indicates that the agent did not adversely affect the nail plate, they remain healthy even with frequent use of the liquid.