Have an idea for a short nail polish!

Well-groomed hands - is necessarily smooth skin and accuracy.Many girls prefer to build in spite of the fact that it spoils the structure of the nail plate.But what about the idea of ​​nail polish for short?You can make different designs, intricate patterns, not even having the desired length.Especially convenient with manicure perform household chores, working on the computer and take care of a small child, it is useful to mums on maternity leave.

care above all

Make sure that the nails were rasped, the skin around them hydrated, and the length of the nail plate protrudes slightly beyond the fingertip.For Fine, long and thin fingers fit a rectangular shape.If they are short - stay on the oval.

idea manicure nails for short - choose a bright shade

Leave bright colors and transparency naraschёnnym nails.In short advantageous to look darker shades - black, brown, steel, as well as all the bright and cheerful - red, crimson, orange, purple, and other eye-catching color.Matt or gloss varnish - it d

oes not matter.But it is necessary to forget the mother of pearl - it will emphasize the flaws and distort the surface.

French chic

you have already made the correct form, took care of the softness of the skin and pick up a shade?Then it remains to choose its own unique pattern.For the short length of the ideas manicure simple, but that does not mean boring.Universal version - French style.The basis is solid or pink hue, and the protruding part is covered in white.For a more expressive effect, draw a line brilliant varnish the border between the two tones.So you can combine among themselves all, even the bright colors.

Tenderness lace

If you do not want to make eye-catching design, or calling, make a lacy pattern.For this nakraste nail varnish pastel shades, and using a fine brush (can be a needle) and apply a white nail ornate pattern.

What the papers say?

for a short length, there are other ideas of a beautiful manicure.Very impressive and unusual looks "newspaper" figure.Nakraste nails (preferably gray lacquer) and let them dry.On a very dark shade of letters can not be seen.The shape of the claw, cut a piece of paper and attach.Push the paper cotton swab dipped in alcohol.On top put a fixer.

striped pattern

Another idea for manicure short nails - various stripes.Better to choose is not horizontal and vertical.This will make the nails longer and more elegant.For even slips can use a stencil or a piece of cardboard.

stones, beads, crystals ... the minimal decor

Do not use nail polish voluminous decorations and large paintings.Pastes better positioned diagonally or vertically.Beads, flowers, stones are best applied in the area.

Extravagant zigzag

unusual idea for a manicure short nails - with a combination of matt gloss.Cover the nail plate varnished with a matte texture.Allow it to dry completely.Cut out the stencil carefully zig-zag.Apply to the nail and paint the resulting plot with varnish.

groomed nogotochki with an interesting design is sure to attract the attention of others.