Lacquered Lipstick "L'Oreal": reviews, palette of colors, photos

The focus of this article will be lacquer lipstick "Loreal".Reviews of her customers were the basis for the analysis and product characteristics.Different color cosmetics developing new specimens, trying to please his client.In recent years embarked on minimization.Products "two in one" are becoming increasingly popular.And it's not just shampoo, which is enclosed hair rinse formula.Changes have occurred in the field of decorative cosmetics.What you can imagine with the word "lacquer lipstick?"Most likely, the agent for the lips with a "glass" glossy effect.Yes, it's lipstick and gloss in a tube.The product has a dense, robust, but at the same time, creamy texture and a bright and lasting color.The first release lacquer lipstick do two cosmetic giant - "Chanel" and "Lancome".It happened in the year two thousand and nine.Since then, many manufacturers have gone in their wake, adding glosses resistant pigments.

Improvement lacquer lipstick

first signs in this area - the products "Lancome" and "Chanel"

- did not enjoy success.One was sticky and the other dried and tightens her lips.Concerns have corrected defects, and soon the market appeared "Rouge Allure Estrie de Gloss".This pigmented lip gloss lucky much more.He appreciated the young girl that fits the classic sticks that is not to face.A mature lady, do not receive the abundance of frivolous glitters, loved him for the optical effect of the convexity of sponges.Inspired by the success of this tool, other corporations started for scientific research, to create the perfect hybrid.So a lacquer lipstick from "Loreal".Reviews say that it is a tight, well pigmented means universally true.It is suitable for daytime makeup, and for an evening publication.In addition, due to the light texture can achieve anything you want shade, mixing different colors.

versatility of cosmetic products

lacquer lipstick "Loreal" (reviews in this matter coincide with the review of the manufacturer), except that the colors the lips and gives them a tempting luster, even caring for them.This tool can be called "three in one".The company L'Oreal has used three types of precious oils.The first one gets into the delicate skin and gives her the most gentle care.The second type of oil fills pigments, creating a rich and deep color.This lacquer lipstick favorably by almost transparent lip gloss.The third type of oil creates a thin top layer, responsible for creating a glossy effect.And this lip lacquer from "Loreal" a panacea.Wearer note that no longer need to carry in your purse lipstick, gloss and care balm.All three functions provides nail lip.It moisturizes, colors and creates an extraordinary high-gloss shine.Therefore, the name of this lacquer lipstick "Loreal" - "Color Riche Ekstraordiner buy."

Design: reviews

bottle named users is very stylish.It is not transparent, as in most lip glosses.But in the pale gold bottle has a small "window" that allows you to determine the shade of the cosmetic product as well as how much it is left in the tube.Members sing the praises of the applicator, which is provided with a lacquer lipstick "Loreal".Reviews say that it is only slightly hairy.This allows you to draw the outline, without using a special brush.

We applicator "Ekstraordiner Color Riche" from "Loreal", besides, very interesting innovative form.At the tip of the blade has a standard forked tongue - like a snake.This small innovation gives greater maneuverability when applying lacquer lipstick.In similar tools from other companies used a sponge or brush.Applicators of L'Oreal users set the highest scores.

lacquer lipstick from "L'Oreal" color palette

company has released a line of "buy Ekstraordiner Color Riche" in fourteen colors.So, tell users to choose from.Here are represented as warm and cool tones, bright colors and Nude.Many users say they have gained just two sample - for day and evening makeup.Reviews say that your ekstraneordinarny color in the line can select all: how young girls and ladies fatal.This is good and lacquer lipstick from "Loreal".Shades of red are presented in the name of "Coral Sonata" (204) "Passionate soprano" (301) and "Ruby Opera" (304).The latter does not look defiant, it can be worn and demure.The musical theme continues and lighter palette: "Delicate pink romance" (100), "Melody" (101), "Accord" (102), "Waltz" (104).These shades are good for the skin pale blondes, and for the warm bronze haired women."Symphony of Roses" (201), gives a rich color, the relevant evening.He is warm, with hints of coral.Shimmer present in her eyes does not rush.

Lacquered Lipstick "L'Oreal": the palette for "snow queens»

Users who prefer the cold range of colors, are also able to find in the line of "Color Riche Ekstraordiner buy" their favorite hue.The greatest praise was awarded "The dramatic fuchsia" (401).Lavender in it, contrary to expectations, almost non-existent.Just present in Shimmer lipstick gives rich pink color more alienated, cold sound."The dramatic fuchsia" is perfect for women with aristocratic white skin.But if it is painful pallor, should refrain from selecting the number 401. It is worth mentioning also shades that fit passionate brunettes.Lacquered Lipstick "L'Oreal", the palette is presented in fourteen colors, dedicated to them two.This "Plum Quartet" (400) and "Purple composition" (500).The first - is warm, the second - soaked in cold tones.

course on natural

For daytime make-up or the creation of an image of "Nude" may also be useful lacquer lipstick "Loreal".Palette, whose photos in glossy magazines and on advertising material makes the heart beat faster than a single beauty, allows you to combine naturalness note with saturated color and gloss.Inspired by the Muses of the images of these "L'Oreal", one can choose a shade to his liking.

For daytime make-up reviews are advised to choose one of three types of line "Ekstraordiner of Color Riche", "natural harmony" (103), "Nude Ballet" (601).The latter looks a shade on the lips almost imperceptibly.Notes of ripe peach is only slightly stained.There is no strong "vinyl" cover only a faint glow.And finally, the last specimen in a rich palette - Room 600 "Note naturalness."He is good, and as an independent agent for the lips, and as an extra to the brighter lipstick.

other options.Properties balm

lacquer lipstick from "Loreal" palette which was considered by us above, and still takes care of her lips.It consists of four medicinal oils: Argon, Camellia seeds, lotus and rose hips.They carry a sense of comfort for the whole day.Lips do not shrink and do not peel.This lipstick does not stain teeth.Oils moisturize lips and nourish it.It is necessary to apply the lacquer lipstick frost instead hygienic.Caring properties of this cosmetic product reviews widely praised.Lips are soft, moisturized.If we consider as a lipstick gloss, we should mention that the products from "Loreal" does not sin tack.Gloss does not run, it does not harm the circuit, and is not going in the corners and folds.The texture of the lipstick allows it to hold well on the lips.

Properties lipstick

As for the coloring, the feedback from customers in the most favorable terms.Lacquered Lipstick "L'Oreal" contains in its composition of wax, which dampens or masks the color pigments.Shades of "Nude" has in itself something opaque, but it is done intentionally, to create a natural way.For color lacquer lipstick responsible mikromaslamasla.They enhance the pigments make them sound brighter, more saturated.Because of this, as if the color shines from within.Semi texture distinguishes the product from "Loreal" from classical lipsticks in stick.Oil molecules envelop all lips.Thus, the mouth has no "cracks", and her lips seem deliciously plump.Members also noted the pleasant and discreet scent of lipstick.This adds comfort, the woman begins to feel more confident.But there is no attack on the nose receptors.The tool does not interrupt the sound spirits.


This parameter has earned the highest grade lacquer lipstick from "Loreal".The shades do not fade and do not disappear after a few hours.Shall be kept eating and kissing.It does not roll, misses in the pores, does not harm the circuit.Moreover, as already mentioned, lipstick stain teeth.Gloss, of course, give up quickly.But it is enough for three hours.The pigment, as a faithful dog, is the mistress till the evening.Finally, he begins to resemble Tinto.Erase it can be through the micellar water.Members noted that the brighter the color, the longer it is kept on the lips.The most "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" was "dramatic fuchsia."Various responses mention that the coloring pigment, not dimming good "sitting" six to eight hours.According to the parameter "resistance" people appreciated lipstick on five points with a plus.

Gloss Lipstick creates a great effect lacquer.When sunlight lips do not seem to be mired fat (common property shine).Oils gently envelop folds, but do not spread along the contour gathering unpresentable bottom line.Just lipstick creates the effect of plump and rather moist sponge.Excellent gloss and rich color does not harm the skin.After removing the make-up is a feeling that is not used cosmetics and caring.However, the lipstick is not sticky.Not her usual gloss and glowing pellets that day look a little vulgar.Reviews suggest that lacquer lipstick from "L'Oreal Paris" creates a unique gloss.Based on the rich palette and the degree of application of funds, it can be varied - from light to shine the vinyl coating.

overall impression from product users

lacquer lipstick "Loreal" earned the most positive reviews.The users liked the convenient applicator with sponzhikom, which is easy to apply makeup.He is gaining as much money as you want, and then there is no need to remove the excess.Also, there is no need to brush for the outline of the lips.Caring properties of lipstick have not gone unnoticed.All, without exception, users report feeling moisturizing and softening the lips after applying the funds.She has received high praise in lipstick and durability.There is no need to correct makeup and worry that the loop will spread.Bright shades "Ekstraordiner" from "Color Riche" and shine pushed users to think to use lipstick with nail polish of the same color.They say it looks just gorgeous.