Hand Cream "Nitrodzhina": reviews, composition.

Many women want to find the perfect makeup for the face.The company "Nitrodzhina" just produces such products that are loved by many ladies, and they will not give it up to any other means.How, for example, hand cream "Nitrodzhina" reviews which simply delightful.


In the mid 1950s, one Emmanuel Stolyarov, a descendant of immigrants from Russia, created a small company that specializes in the wholesale supply of cosmetic products.Gradually, the company began to flourish, and ten years later came to the world market.But the real success came to her later, after it was established the production of transparent soap Neutrogena.His recipe created Edmond Fromont, Cosmetic Chemists from Belgium.Soap was unusually soft and translucent, easily washed away from the skin, it leaves no traces of soap and divorces.Maintain normal blood pH.At the time this product was unique in the world so quickly gained popularity.Since 1994, the company is owned by Johnson & amp;Johnson.

Neutrogena products are high

ly valued by both professionals and consumers.Approved by dermatologists all over the world, which makes the brand to a higher level of other cosmetics.The company is constantly developing and improving new formulas.Before you run to the masses every cream "Nitrodzhina" (reviews about these tools, most of them positive) passes a severe test, and rigorously tested.

popular brand and sold in many countries, including in Russia.

The range of funds

Today Neutrogena brand range includes hundreds of products.This means for skin care, including over the problem, anti-aging creams and products for the care of hands, feet, lips and body.Of particular popularity he gained Hand Cream "Nitrodzhina."Reviews say about him that he is good softens skin, and eliminates peeling.

special so-called "Norwegian formula" of cosmetic products guarantees their maximum efficiency.They have a regenerating and wound-healing properties.Soothe chapped, flaky and excessively dry skin, protect it from the vagaries of nature, even in the coldest days.Anti-aging, smooth wrinkles, eliminate imperfections.The result is noticeable after the first application.Affordable price and quality made by means of "Nitrodzhina" loved by many.


Series hand care includes five products.This concentrated cream which contains 39% glycerol.It softens the skin.It hydrates the epidermis to the tenth layer.Removes problems such as cracks and peeling.It creates weightless film, which protects the dermis during the day from the negative effects of the environment.

Bystrovpityvayuschiysya Hand Cream "Nitrodzhina", reviews of which only good, is composed of glycerin, panthenol and vitamin E. The product has an air of light texture, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue.Carefully and lovingly caring for her hands.

Formula hand cream and nail includes glycerin, bisabolol, which nourish the skin and panthenol, strengthens the cuticle, and allantoin, softens the epidermis.Anti-aging hand contains UV filters, and complex elements Active soy, which prevents the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.

Intensively regenerating product is aimed at the maximum nutrition and hydration.It consists of glycerin, panthenol, and a group of vitamins B5, E and bisabolol.The cream leaves the skin soft and silky, eliminates peeling, promotes healing of wounds and fractures.Effectively fights skin aging hands.

Care Foot

As a hand cream "Nitrodzhina", which reviews the impressive and foot cream is aimed at a quick result.This category includes restoring cream, means eliminating corns and calluses, care cream aimed at intensive moisturizing and relieve fatigue from the limbs.

Formula of these funds contain a high percentage of glycine, vitamins and other elements of caring, to help restore the creams soften, moisturize and heal wounds.Refreshing Foot Cream "Nitrodzhina", which reviews the impressive, yet contains menthol, which relieves the feeling of heaviness of legs, able to refresh and eliminate fatigue.

products for body care

This series is designed for body skin care.Body Cream "Nitrodzhina" repeatedly showed its result by the content of ingredients such as glycerin and shea butter, petrolatum and squalene, allantoin and panthenol.Milk this series perfectly struggling with excessive dryness of the skin and prevents moisture loss, eliminates the discomfort resulting from tightness of the skin.Already after the first use there is a stunning effect on the use of these funds' Nitrodzhina. "Hand cream is no exception and has similar properties.He is a best-seller in sales for many years.

Creams "Nitrodzhina" Face

No skin can not be healthy without the proper quality and purification.It is this aspect of the company paid special attention to "Nitrodzhina", reviews of which the most positive.Its experts have created a transparent soap, which enjoys worldwide popularity for many years and does not contain dyes and preservatives.Visibly Clear tool aimed not only at cleaning the skin, but also to eliminate the defects of the dermis.Deep Clean thoroughly and deeply cleans pores, effectively removes the fat from the face, dirt and grime.Product Make-UP Remover allows you to remove in an instant makeover.Contains ingredients that soften, moisturize and care for the epidermis.

There are a lot of cosmetic products sold under this brand.Not again confirms the high quality, reasonable price and efficiency cosmetic "Nitrodzhina 'reviews.Face Cream intended for daily use, it contains sunscreen and moisturizer patented Helioplex, prevents premature aging of the skin and blocks the negative effects of the environment.At night cream more added hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin as possible.

Among the large range of funds stand out the latest developments of the company.This line of Energy Renewal, which includes all the tools necessary for everyday high-grade skin care products.This day and night cream, eye cream and cleanser.Their action is aimed at removing wrinkles, rejuvenation and protection from UV rays, moisture and nutrition.

recently saw the light, and new media Neutrogena Visible Firm, aimed at restoring the skin.This serum, day and night cream with regenerating action, and means for skin care age.The main active ingredient in these products is copper.It is, according to the manufacturer, is able to significantly increase the dermal turgor and its tone.

care products for problem skin aimed at cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, toning.It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.Effectively eliminate acne, blackheads and shine.Cosmetics "Nitrodzhina" simply transforms the skin, especially with regular use, penetrates into cells, cleanses them from pollution, nourishes and moisturizes.It improves the complexion.

Caring means lip

Care Lip is no less important than in other parts of the body, because the skin is particularly sensitive to them.The vessels in this part of the body are located very close to the surface, so often under the influence of negative factors start to crack and bleed.

Company "Nitrodzhina" has taken into account these aspects and created a series of tools for skin care lip.These tools make them soft, eliminates peeling, heal wounds.Incorporate UV filters, protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.Bisabolol, castor oil and glycerin to prevent inflammation, soothe irritated skin, soften, eliminate tightness, give a sense of comfort for a long time.

pricing policy of the company

accessibility and democratic price of the products are "Nitrodzhina."Hand cream costs about 200 rubles, means for foot care - about 300 rubles, lotion and body balm - about 250 rubles.Lotion and facial scrub can be bought for 150-180 rubles, face cream - for 200-250 rubles, and hydrating emulsion - for 170 rubles.

Where can I get the goods "Nitrodzhina┬╗

Cosmetics "Nitrodzhina" are quite popular and are sold in pharmacies of large cities and in major supermarkets, hypermarkets.Also, these products can be purchased through online stores.

Customer Reviews

lot of positive feedback has cosmetics "Nitrodzhina."Hand Cream, whose composition is very similar to that of lower-cost products for hands, copes with the extreme dryness of the skin, moisturizes for a long period.However, some users have noted that when the agent is difficult to be distributed on the skin for a long time and is absorbed (about 10 minutes), leaving behind a sticky feeling.Some also say that the cream has a dense, viscous texture and not very pleasant smell.He spent economically.

Foot Cream has a pleasant moisture, removes the feeling of tightness, flaking, effectively heals cracks and small wounds.It is bold and hearty for his consistency.One tube is enough for a month.

lip balm, according to most women, well softens, removes the scabs and peeling just a couple of applications, giving smoothness.Hydrates and nourishes, protects from the weather and sun.

means "Nitrodzhina" deserve a lot of praise and repeatedly proven its effectiveness in the fight against dryness, irritation, and other skin imperfections.Take good care day after day they take care of our skin, making it more beautiful and young.