Hairstyles for each day with their hands: how to change their workplace

What do you think, waking up in bed every morning?That's right, what to eat for breakfast, what dress to get out of the wardrobe and that build on his head.Those with a short haircut, may not much to worry about: just foam hair dryer and wax to bring your hair in order.With long locks have also tricky if you're not a schoolgirl, of course.Hairstyles for each day with their hands - it's not one minute, so it pays to think about what you want to see yourself in the mirror.

two braids, the ends of which caught up with rubber bands, is now in vogue, but if every day to come to the office with them, the staff will laugh behind: a fantasy, they say, is not enough.If you do not want to pass for a woman whose hands grow not entirely correct, it is necessary to change the appearance of at least a day.

It will have to stand for 10-15 minutes before to wash your hair and tuck.It would be good to make the schedule for the week: on Monday you are happy commuters large curls, and on Thursday colleagues should

gasp from your ceremony, and yet restrained "shells".And grab a fashion magazine, which has a catalog of men's hairstyles: it you will be seen during the lunch break, causing blank stares colleagues.Let them think that you have a new fan appeared.

Hairstyles for each day with their hands - it's smooth and hair slicked back and mane of a lioness, and hedgehog with sticking needles, and delicate sphere bob-bob.Long hair on the head allow to build a lot of options from simple tail to the Greek charmer.Slightly recycled curls as perfect as the three harness, fastened at the back of the original clasp.

What are good hairstyles for each day, made with his own hands?Accessories that can be changed during the day as many times as your heart desires.This hairpin, decorated with beads, flowers and ribbons, colored rubber bands whose width can vary from thin strands up to 20 cm, with the effect of invisible glaze on a ribbed surface, crab and so on.This set will transform your image in a few minutes, and without leaving the workplace.

Tilt your head to the knees, comb the hair from the neck down, remove them to a banana so that he was on top, and pour nacheshite strands varnish.You can now report and chief of the office to bear, as you will look better than his personal secretary.The beauty of hairstyles for each day with their own hands is precisely to transform itself from a boring accountant in light butterfly that flutters around the office cute, giving charming smile to everyone who gets in her way.How can it be done?

Set in the mirror question: "What hairstyle for me?".Try not to answer it in one word "beautiful", leading 3-4 and arguments in favor of a particular installation.You will immediately kill two birds with one stone: find your perfect option, and putting aside the complex design.

Daily spoils bouffant hair structure, as well as gritting their colored powder.Some women manage to change the hair color with the help of silverfish: the builders of aluminum powder is added to the nitrocellulose lacquer to paint the battery.Such experiments can be called a mockery not only of the locks, but also on the skin, which is required to respond irritation.