Sunscreen Face

Sun protection cosmetics We need not just rest and not only in the south.If during the day you are not in the sun for more than 30 minutes - use creams with filters is not necessary.But if you stay in the sun longer, or you are going on vacation or out of town in the park, outdoor cafe, then regardless of the time of year it is necessary to provide skin protection from the sun.You can burn and, in April, May or September.To harm the skin enough, even a small amount of harmful ultraviolet radiation, the consequences are serious enough: premature aging, regeneration and even violation of cancers.So it is better to be safe than to be insufficiently protected.

Principles select sunscreen cosmetics

Sunscreen for the face selected as the rest of cosmetics, based on the type of skin.For normal skin are no restrictions - choose according to their own preferences.For dry - the best option would be to milk or cream with a dense texture and lots of moisturizing ingredients.For oily or combination skin is mor

e suitable gel or fluid.

There are two types of protective equipment: a screening and blocking effect.It is better to buy a sunscreen for the face with a blocking effect.The cream of the type comprising titanium dioxide or zinc oxide - of very fine powder, which reflects the rays.These cosmetics are usually hypoallergenic and has high efficiency.

shielding creams contain chemicals that often cause allergic reactions.Therefore, before using them to test for allergies: Spread a small area of ​​skin on the inner surface of the forearm and hold his hand cream in the sun for 20 minutes.If there was an itch and redness - you cosmetic product is not suitable.

choosing a sunscreen for the face, pay special attention to the SPF (sun) factor.The higher the score, the higher the degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation and more time that you can spend in the sun without damaging the skin.In determining the optimal protection factor you need to consider color and skin tone - the lighter your skin, the better must be the protection of (higher the SPF):

  • For those with very pale, freckled skin, light gray or light blue eyesyou need to choose a cream with a factor of not less than 40-50.
  • For those who have light skin, but darker eye makeup can be used with an SPF of about 30.
  • For owners of dark skin and a medium-brown, brown hair suit sunscreen with protection up to 20.
  • For owners of dark skin andvery dark hair is the best SPF10.

These indicators are relevant to those who rest on the Black Sea or the Sea of ​​Azov.If you are north - SPF value must be reduced by 10 units if the south - to increase by 10.

Once the skin Zagora, will increase its ability to block the effects of ultraviolet light on their own, it will be possible to apply sunscreen to the face with a lower value SPF (below10-15 units).

Remember that you need to apply sunscreen cosmetics for 25-30 minutes before sun exposure - it begins to act only after soaking.Do not rub vigorously - it reduces the efficiency of 30%, just wait until absorbed sunscreen.Feedback from those who used cosmetics with protective filters, they say that the reduced incidence of age spots that appear during exposure to the sun, the skin does not burns, do not peel off and does not blush.When properly selected cream is not observed drying and dehydration, tan falls evenly and there is no feeling of tightness after sunbathing.