Powder "Chanel"

Powder as a means of decoration women, yes, most likely, and men originated in ancient times, when representatives of the savage tribes used powdered clay for application ritual patterns or camouflage hunting.The first mention of the powder as a cosmetic concern to the days of ancient Sumer and Egypt, where women used different shades of ocher.In ancient Greece, to impart the desired skin tone used white lead and the white clay.Since then it went notion that more light (at least in appearance) skin have representatives of the nobility, which should not work under the scorching rays of the sun, making a face tanned.

Powder "Chanel" first came into being almost 90 years ago - in 1924, as part of a set of powder and lipstick.She wore a serial number five.Today the market is represented by about six or seven collections of the brand, each of which has several shades.However, many samples are tan color, which is so neglected in the past.

example, matting powder "Chanel", "Universel Libre", presented i

n five versions, among which we can find a tone "naturel", "Claire", "Light pink", "Golden tanning" and others that are quitelight.A collection of compact powder "universal", along with fresh tones, peach and light, the colors are present and tanned skin - golden and natural.Box with powder in this series does not have a mirror.

The product line "Soleil Tan de Chanel" powder has interesting properties such as moisture and bronzing.E. When applying a cosmetic product with a brush the skin will have a natural radiance, the face will never look dull.Package is equipped with a mirror.

company Chanel, from the powder which makes the face of any woman perfect and sometimes offers unexpected shades of powder.For example, the powder looks interesting "Douce" in a series of soft pressed powders.You can find a sample number 40, "Lily", which has a true purple shade.However, the skin is the means by microscopic particles of talc and a soft brush is transformed into a light texture effectively hides minor flaws.Includes mirror.

In "Mat Lumière" powder "Chanel" and equipped with a small sponzhikom mirror.Cosmetic means this area has light shielding factor SPF10, which allows a certain way to protect delicate skin from the sun.Powder has a matte, hide and glowing effect due to its constituent silicone polymers.The collection consists of eight shades - from light "Aurora" to dark "Intensive №100».

most expensive powder "Chanel", "Eclat Vitalyumer" ensures smooth skin tone for eight hours.This tool allows the skin look fresh and matte, and protects it due to sun protectors (SPF10).Powder has a very light structure, so hardly noticeable when applying makeup.An interesting feature of the series is the presence of a small black case for powder with a company logo.This addition adds cosmetic products of French charm and style.