Castor oil for hair - reviews, origins, benefits

Everyone knows castor oil, widely used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry as additives to various resins, dyes, plastics.Surprisingly, many often see that from which make castor oil in his flower bed, not even knowing about it.It

- a plant that is often used for decorative purposes gardeners.It has been known since ancient times and used by man for a variety of purposes for hundreds of years.It's called - castor bean.Its homeland is North and East Africa.They plant grows to a height of ten meters.Local people first learned to make oil from its seeds.It is used for rubbing the body and give the skin softness and shine.It was used for lighting homes and currying and even grilled vegetables.Out of Africa, this plant has got to India, which today is the largest producer and exporter of this product from the seeds of castor beans.That is all known as castor oil.

Since ancient times, women in many countries with hair loss used castor oil, whose composition is - is as follows: 85% of i

t is ricinoleic acid, 2% - oleic acid, 1% - linoleic acid and 0.5% are linolenic,stearic, palmitic acid and the like.The presence of these chemicals has caused its use.Jamaican black castor oil for hair, reviews of people about the effects of which are very enthusiastic.It turns out it by a special roasting and stimulates the production of keratin.Moreover, the effect of the application manifest rather quickly.Hair grow fast and look healthy, thick and silky.

a product that can be bought in our pharmacies are also able to perform miracles.The same enthusiastic left women and girls are regularly used castor oil for hair, reviews can often be found on the websites on the Internet.Some recommend mixing it with fish oil in a ratio of one to one.It gives the hair beauty and splendor.Another girl shares her personal experience with this wonderful tool.It first gets warmed oil to the hair roots, and only then along the entire length.Then she puts on plastic and cotton scarf shawl 4 hours.Then washed them several times with shampoo.With regular use of this procedure disappear dandruff and itching.Very good acting masks, which include castor oil for hair, to review their action - is impressive.If your hair is oily or normal, these masks will strengthen their roots, make a thick and shiny.If - dry, the mask creates a moisturizing effect, will eliminate the brittleness and dryness, restore the structure in the damaged painting.All this is to make a simple and cheap castor oil for hair, opinions and experience of which can always be found on Internet sites and successfully use them.