Products "Herbalife": damage to prove it!

Long before there was the notion of dietary supplements, people used a variety of tinctures, decoctions, infusions, medicinal teas.But, unfortunately, in our time recovery using herbs commercialized flow for profit and not for healing people and products "Herbalife" - a clear confirmation of the fact.

for normal human activity on a daily basis requires a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals.But in this fleeting rhythm of life often we do not get all necessary for normal functioning of the body's nutrients.The daily diet of most commonly used semi-finished products, which do not have anything useful, moreover, such products can even harm the body.The entire consumption of heat-treated foods, which minimizes the content it useful to humans, so more and more people are resorting to the use of nutritional supplements.

What are dietary supplements?

Supplements are microbial, animal, mineral and vegetable origin.They contain active ingredients that are sufficient for the flow of physiological process

es in the body and absorbed in the event of their shortage.More complex composition Supplements may contain more than one or two active substances.The most common dietary supplements recommended for the prevention and treatment of diseases, strengthen the body and raise the immune system.

But it is extremely important to understand that the effects of the active substances is very individual.So, before you take them, you need to know the exact diagnosis and the origin of the disease, the drug, indications and, most importantly, the contraindications to its use!

Products "Herbalife": pros and cons

In today's market at the moment there is a huge amount of dietary supplements.One of the most famous and popular products is the "Herbalife."Harm and the futility of the drug had time to note many of its customers.

Despite all the assurances of distributors of these products to its medical use, modern doctors say the opposite.

proved that the production of "Herbalife" - harm, not a panacea for all ills, they can not be cured all diseases.After all, at its core - a set of unknown herbs, and the drug does not pass any necessary research before you get to the buyers.

means that its effect on the body is not known.While the sad consequences after application, unfortunately, took place.

Discovered caffeine and ephedrine in herbal preparations "Herbalife" unambiguously confirm damage.Caffeine can affect your blood pressure, raising his cause asystole and tachycardia.And because of the presence of the drug ephedrine, and all were taken out of production because it has an effect on the central nervous system.

Prolonged use of funds "Herbalife" appear liver problems, frequent headaches, upset the digestive system and even diabetes.With regard to the effect of weight loss after discontinuation "Herbalife" injury manifests itself in weight regain.Cases when dumped kgs back to "reserve", which leads to obesity and health difficulties.